20.11 2017 11:18h

You Can Now Pay To Take Instagram Photos On A Private Jet

For a couple of thousand dirhams, you too can look like “A Rich Kid of Instagram”.
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Don’t have wealthy parents or own a private jet? That’s ok.

You can now snap “Rich Kids of Instagram”-inspired photos, with the help of Private Jet Studio.

This Moscow-based company provides its customers with a grounded Gulfstream G650 jet "studio" for hire. The studio can be rented out on a per hour rate, for a minimum of two hours. Prices start at $191 per hour and go up to $434 for a two-hour videography session. Hair and makeup can also be provided at the customer’s request, along with "luxury items" to accessorize your shoot.

Sounds A Bit Ridiculous? Yup.

Немного сегодняшнего бэкстейджа ⚡️

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Despite the sheer ridiculousness of hiring a grounded private jet for the perfect Instagram photo, we're surprised there aren't more of these types of "studios".

We've heard of some influencers hiring supercars cars and luxury yachts in pursuit of the perfect Instagram photo. And one influencer went as far as renting out her mother-in-law's spare bedroom. But with everyone trying to feature themselves in the best possible light on their social media accounts, the existence of Private Jet Studio isn’t a huge shocker. 

Is it a recipe for authentic content? Nope.

Location @privatejetstudio Production @kmelntsama Muah @we_love_makeup Photo @alencik30 Backstage @popella_watson

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Will it attract follower engagement? It might. 

Just make sure you don’t get caught flying commercial right after your photoshoot ends . . .  


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