13.11 2018 13:59h

S1 Releases New Single "No Soul"

Big things are happening for this Dubai-based artist - here's everything you need to know
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S1 is back!

The German-born Dubai-raised singer released his newest single, "No Soul," on Nov 11 and fans are loving the new song.

"It's a very personal song," S1 said to ITP Live. "It's about stuff that I went through in my life and a lot of people will connect to that. I hope people love the new song.”

S1 entered the music industry when he was sixteen-years-old. He immediately caught the attention of music lovers and starting collaborating with big names in the industry, like Flo Rida and Sean Kingston. He released his first album “Taking Off” in 2010, based on his career actually taking off. 

The Dubai-based singer recently took some time off from his music-related goals to focus on his academic studies. 

“I really love juggling my life with music, but it will always be my biggest passion, my hobby, something I love to do. It’s the only thing that helps me speak out in a relaxed way.” - S1 

S1 acknowledges the industry has changed a lot since he started out years ago. He was the first local artist to be featured on Virgin Radio Dubai, years before social media played an important role in promoting artists' work.

“Social media has changed everything, but in a positive way," he said. "It opens up doors for a lot of people, who might not have those contacts to major TV networks, magazines, radio."

“I love that I can announce things to my fans directly, without having to go through third parties."

While the music video for "No Soul" has yet to be released, S1 has said we can expect to see more singles coming out soon... 

"No Soul" is available on Apple Music and other streaming platforms.

Written by: Doa'a El Khouly. Image credit: S1.
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