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15 British Beauty Vloggers You Need To Watch on YouTube

Take your #glamgame to the next level with these Blighty-based beauty gurus
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So many beauty tutorials, so little time.

There are thousands of British beauty vloggers out there on YouTube, all sharing exceptional content with their viewers. At times it can be hard to narrow down who to watch and follow on the video-sharing platform.

We've rounded up fifteen of the best video content creators from the UK, who enjoy sharing all things glam and gorgeous with their fans.

Be sure to subscribe to these British beauty vloggers below - especially if you enjoy winding down at the end of the day with a cup of tea and a beauty tutorial or two. 

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Lisa Eldridge

With over 1.8 million subscribers to her YouTube channel, many people would assume Lisa Eldridge is a full-time beauty vlogger. Full stop. 

And while it's clear she's put in a lot of effort into creating high-quality video content for her viewers, Eldridge is more than just another beauty vlogger sharing makeup application tips with her audience.

Eldridge is a full-time celebrity makeup artist who has worked with the likes of Keira Knightley and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. She has a history of working closely with top-notch beauty brands (Shiseido, No. 7, and Lancôme to name a few) and has been the creative force behind many make-up looks we've seen on the catwalks, at fashion weeks around the world.

When it comes to her makeup artistry talents Eldridge has been around since the 90's - so you know she knows what she's talking about when it comes to applying winged eyeliner. She scored her first big break working with supermodel Cindy Crawford for an ELLE magazine photo shoot.

Her YouTube channel reflects her high-end professional standards and expert knowledge of cosmetics. She takes the time to explain the reasoning behind every one of her steps. 

Follow Lisa Eldridge on Instagram @lisaeldridgemakeup.

Lily Pebbles

This London-based blogger-turned-vlogger is known for her monthly favorite videos and her "Get-Ready-With-Me" (a.k.a. GRWM) vlogs on her YouTube channel. She also shares fashion haul videos, Q&A snippets, daily vlogs and other lifestyle tidbits with her viewers.

She’s also the co-host of At Home With, a podcast she created with her friend and fellow beauty vlogger The Anna Edit.

Follow Lily Pebbles on Instagram @lilypebbles.

Anna Newton (a.k.a. The Anna Edit)

Anna Newton is an award-winning digital content creator, who created her YouTube channel and blog back in 2010. Eight years later, her videos cover more than just topics in beauty and fashion.

But you can still expect to see a healthy mix of beauty tutorials and daily routine, mixed in with a bit of lifestyle advice, on her channel.

The Anna Edit caters to those viewers who are looking for affordable products, yet want to incorporate an element of style into their life.

Follow Anna Newton on Instagram @theannaedit.

Elliot Joseph Rentz (a.k.a. Alexis Stone)

Elliot Joseph Rentz a.k.a. Alexis Stone took the headlines by storm when he convinced the world that he'd undergone dramatic cosmetic survey in order to alter his appearance. 


"When I got Botox, when I got my nose and cheeks done, people called me a botch monster," Stone said in a recent interview with Paper. "So I took things that were already there and I ran with it. I said . . . let me take this rumor, this accusation, this comment, and let me give you what you want."

According to Allure, Rentz worked with makeup designer David Marti to "...create a lifecast of his face for prosthetics that would make Stone look like he had, in fact, gotten intensive facial plastic surgery." 

In addition to uploading videos (and fake plastic survey controversies), Elliot is also a makeup artist and is best known for his celebrity transformations. 

Follow Elliot Joseph Rentz on Instagram @thealexisstone.

Tanya Burr

One of the oldest and most prominent names in the beauty vlogging world, Tanya Burr is one of the biggest names on YouTube. With over 3.6 million subscribers to her channel, she offers makeup tutorials for various kinds of looks and insight into Britain's biggest beauty events.

Originally from Norwich, Tanya started working as a makeup artist before taking advice from her sister-in-law, Samantha Chapman and starting her own YouTube channel in 2009. With her own line of cosmetics and a budding acting career, Tanya is leveraging her YouTube success to build an empire.  

Follow Tanya Burr on Instagram @tanyaburr.

Gary Thompson (a.k.a. The Plastic Boy)

Gary Thompson - better known as The Plastic Boy - is like most beauty vloggers: he uploads beauty tutorials, share product reviews, GRWMs and favorites videos.

What makes him stand out from all the other beauty vloggers out there is his openness and transparency regarding plastic surgery and cosmetic modifications. 

Gary's documents his transformation process on his channel and shares his thoughts on the overall experience. He's very open with his viewers and consistently answers their questions within the comments. 

He recently became an ambassador for the Prince’s Trust campaign by L'Oréal Paris UK. The initiative helps to support young people with mental health issues, homelessness, and trouble with the law.

Follow Gary Thompson on Instagram @theplasticboy.

Lewys Ball (a.k.a. lookingforlewys)

He's called the "Boy Beauty" for a reason.

Hailing from Scotland, Lewys Ball is one of the youngest beauty vloggers on YouTube and has been uploading videos to his channel, lookingforlewys, since 2013. 

Lewys has a loyal fanbase and - unlike most of his contemporaries - his channel has a young, vibrant energy. From beauty tutorials, challenges and product reviews to quirky reaction videos, lookingforlewys serves beauty content on the side of 360° entertainment.

Follow Lewys Ball on Instagram @lookingforlewys.

Caroline Hirons

Instead of specific product reviews or, Caroline Hirons gives the lowdown on beauty brands from all over the world. She informs consumers of the best offerings from the brand, whilst also providing some background and history of the brand. 

Caroline is one of the few vloggers in the YouTube beauty space with mature skin; she focuses on sharing skincare-related tips and tricks with her audience. Her product recommendations are ideal for viewers who are looking for help with fine lines and wrinkles, aging and sun damage.

Overall her content is informative and relevant to beauty fanatics of all ages.

Follow Caroline Hirons on Instagram @carolinehirons.

Ling K. Tang (a.k.a. Ling.KT)

Known for bringing laughs and positivity to beauty vlogging sphere, Ling K. Tang is a British vlogger who started out on Instagram before making the jump to YouTube.

Ling was also recently featured in Glamour magazine’s #BlendOutBullying campaign. While her channel is filled with makeup tutorials, helpful tutorials and product reviews Ling still works to keep her Instagram feed perfectly curated.

Follow Ling K. Tang on Instagram @Ling.KT.

Fleur Bell (a.k.a. Fleur DeForce)

Fleur Bell - also known as her channel and blog name Fleur DeForce - is one of the most versatile British beauty vloggers. She's racked up over 155 million views on her YouTube channel, and certainly isn't slowing down any time soon.

From monthly favorites to testing new products, her channel boasts a little something for all the beauty lover. She is also the author of The Glam Guide and has launched her own product line of eyelashes and makeup line.

Talk about #lifegoals.

Follow Fleur Bell on Instagram @fleurdeforce.

Jake-Jamie Ward (a.k.a. Jake Jamie)

He's known as "The Boy Beauty"

Jake Jamie is a twenty-seven-year-old beauty vlogger and uploads everything from monthly favorite videos to product reviews. He's best known for creating content for men who wear makeup. One of his most popular videos is titled "How To Use Makeup When You Have A Beard/Facial Hair". 

Jake-Jamie has also collaborated with Cosmetips and launched his own beauty box back in September 2018. His online campaign #MakeupIsGenderless received a lot of attention and scored him a spokesperson gig for L'Oréal, making him the first ever male spokesperson for the brand. 

Follow Jake Jamie on Instagram @jakejamie.

Kaushal Beauty

Thanks to Instagram and going viral on the photo-sharing app, Kaushal Beauty's YouTube channel has also been a huge success. With over 2.1 million subscribers, Kaushal has worked with some of the biggest beauty brands from all over the world.

Her channel offers all kinds of beauty-related content, but she is mostly known for her in-depth beauty tutorials.

Follow Kaushal Beauty on Instagram @kaushal.

Thuy Le (a.k.a. xThuyLe)

This Vietnamese-born, London-raised makeup artist and beauty vlogger started uploading videos to her channel back in 2016. Since then it's grown by the thousand and Thuy Le is known as one of the fastest growing beauty vloggers on YouTube

Other than regular beauty videos and hauls, she shares YouTube and influencer advice, hacks and tips like "How To Film Instagram Beauty Videos", "How To Edit Instagram Videos", "How To Boost Instagram Engagement" and more. 

In addition to being super positive and keen on helping out her fellow influencers, Thuy Le has also collaborated with Cosmetips and Lottie London.

Follow Thuy Le on Instagram @xThuyLe.

Wayne Goss

Probably one of the most successful British beauty vloggers in YouTube history, celebrity makeup artist Wayne Goss is straight up and honest when reviewing beauty products on his channel.

From reviews to hauls, Goss has tons of makeup- and skincare-related wisdom to offer his audience. He's to the point when sharing his opinion on products within his videos and always has is viewers' best interests at heart when recommending products.

In addition to creating videos and working as a professional MUA, he also has his own brand of makeup brushes (which are a staple in numerous beauty influencers’ recommended list).

Follow Wayne Goss on Instagram @gossmakeupartist.

Nina Vee

Coined by many as Kylie Jenner’s closest lookalike Nina Vee uploads beauty, style and travel vlogs.

Her channel features a healthy mix of beauty tutorials (with a heavy emphasis on glow-y skin) and hauls. 

Follow Nina Vee on Instagram @theninavee.

Zoe Sugg (a.k.a. Zoella)

Last - but certainly not least - is YouTube OG Zoella!

While Zoe Sugg has branched out an now includes plenty of lifestyle, travel and challenge content she originally got her start on YouTube as a beauty and fashion vlogger.

Since launching her channel in 2009, she has collaborated with some of the biggest beauty brands in the world and has won numerous awards for her work as a vlogger.

Follow Zoe Sugg on Instagram @zoella.

Did we miss your favorite British beauty vlogger? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Shivani Mathur. Photo credit: Shutterstock.


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