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PewDiePie vs T-Series: Who Will Win?

The drama continues into 2019

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Omar Borkan and Layla Akil Go To IMG World

Guess who got the birthday surprise of their lifetime

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You Won't Believe What Omar and Layla Did!

Don't miss this episode of Expensive Tastes

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Syndicate and Miniminter Do The "Guess That YouTuber's Song" Challenge

It's a lot tougher (and funnier) than it looks

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9 Top Saudi YouTubers You Need To Follow ASAP

Saudis love YouTube and their YouTubers

5 Regional YouTubers Who Released Music Videos in 2018

From comedy to R&B, here are the top music videos by GCC creators


Fans Demand Refund For KSI Vs Logan Paul Fight

Will last night's technical problems affect the future of Pay-Per-View live streaming for YouTubers?

Bradley Martyn Challenges KSI To Punch Him In The Face

The fitness influencer weights in on the fight of the year in a recent video

When ITP Live Met JustSul and ItsJustSaid

Who's got more bling? We chat with two of your favorite social media comedians

Drama Is At An All-Time High Between KSI and Logan Paul

And there's an entire YouTube channel devoted to the upcoming fight, in case you can't keep up

KSI is coming to Dubai this weekend!

Find out how you can win a chance to play against him live-on-stage at The Dubai Mall

15 British Beauty Vloggers You Need To Watch on YouTube

Take your #glamgame to the next level with these Blighty-based beauty gurus


Been Rejected From A Micro-Influencer Platform? Here's Why

Avoid these mistakes when applying to Live Unite

How To Spot A 'Bot Like A Pro

Here are three easy tips for spotting fake followers in your audience

6 Things You Need To Know Before Becoming A Licensed Influencer in The UAE

Read this BEFORE you apply for your influencer license

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