06.05 2019 10:58h

KSI Officially Disowns Deji

KSI is done with his brother and fellow YouTuber Deji
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"If I saw him, I would probably slap him in the face."

This isn't a joke. KSI is 100% done with his brother and fellow YouTuber, Deji. While he might be gearing up to fight Logan Paul later this year (more EXCLUSIVE details on the upcoming fight HERE) he is ready to get physical against his younger bro. 

On the newly launched ITP Live-produced podcast, "Uncut With S1", the YouTube sensation shared with host S1 his relationship with his younger brother is officially over - and he's being serious.

Watch it all unfold on "Uncut with S1" below.

"I'm done with him now. I don't care," KSI said, who boasts over 20 million subscribers on the video-sharing platform. "I've unfollowed him . . . He's made his bed, now he can rest in it."

Why exactly is KSI done with his younger brother? The drama goes way back to 2018 when younger brother Deji uploaded a video titled "The truth about my brother KSI" shortly after he released a diss track against his older brother.

The video was eventually made private after it went public, but last week Deji decided to make the video public again, stirring up drama between the brothers.  

"He must have something wrong with his head," KSI said at ITP Live offices to S1.

"He did ask my mum if he could make the video public. And my Mum asked me and I was like, 'Is he being serious?' Why would you want to make the diss track on your own brother public? I'm done."

KSI isn't sure why Deji seems keen to start beef, especially as he's supported his younger brother throughout his entire YouTube career.

"It's either jealousy or brother rivalry. I've helped him so much. I've never tried to ruin him or crush him. I always just try to help him. Maybe it's because he sees himself underneath my shadow or something like that? I don't know."

The YouTuber and rapper was in Dubai for Badou Jack's Knockout Night fight night, which took place on Friday evening at FIVE Palm Jumeirah. 

The drama officially kicked off last week when KSI addressed the video going public again on Twitter. 

Watch this space for more breaking news on the feud. 

Listen to the full episode on "Uncut with S1" below. 

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