20.09 2019 14:00h

A Content Creator's Guide to Dealing with Trolls

Haters will hate. Here's how to (graciously) deal with online bullies
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Being a content creator or an influencer with an online presence isn’t always easy.

While being “Internet famous” and having a big following has its own benefits, it also comes with a downside.

Haters will always hate, therefore, it’s important for anyone with an audience to be able to distinguish between a dissatisfied follower and a troll. Constructive criticism can be excellent feedback for a creator, but dealing with bullies is an entirely different story.

If it’s the former you should take time to properly address their concern, as you want them to remain a follower. You also should demonstrate to your audience (and potential new followers) that you’re professional and receptive to feedback.

After all, as a content creator, you want to create content and share a narrative your fans with enjoy and engage with.

In the case where the commenter is definitely a troll and inciting hateful speech, a whole different set of rules should apply.

Here are a few tips on how to graciously deal with online trolls and bullies as a content creator.

Step Back and Breathe

Whether online or in person, we all know how heated we get in a conflict and how far we may depart from reason.

Take a minute to assess the situation; is it even worth replying to the comment?

Instead of snapping a defensive response back, see if saying anything is even necessary. If you still feel as though it has to be addressed there are a few courses of action.

Factual, Friendly and Funny

Do not stoop to their level with snide remarks and shady comments, instead respond to them professionally and factually.

It doesn’t hurt to offer an olive branch and inject some kindness into your reply, breaking the cycle of negativity.

If you think you can do all this and more, why not sprinkle some comedy into it too? This garners a far larger positive response and gains you support from other fans and belittles the initial hate.

To Delete or Not to Delete?

Sometimes it may seem as though the easiest way to handle a troll is just to wipe their comments off your screen.

This is not a great idea as it may imply you are unable to deal with the situation effectively, plus it could add more fuel to the fire and provoke your hater to spam you with even more comments.

However if their comment is very offensive, consider reporting it and blocking the user from your page or account. You don't need that negativity in your life.

What do you think of our tips? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Anushé Samee.