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8 Online Courses For Budding Entrepreneurs

Whatever the goal, these courses have you covered

8 Online Courses For Budding Entrepreneurs

2. Branding & Product Management


Be the architect for your own brand, not only in look and feel, but in concept and go to market strategies as well. This comprehensive course equips you with what you need to know, from brand conceptualization to portfolio development and management.

As with most courses on the platform, you will be awarded a certificate upon pass and completion (sure you’ll do great), always an add value for the portfolio.

3. Moz Advanced SEO: Tactics & Strategy 


Once you have your website up and running (there’s courses for that too), the challenge is to get people on it. In addition to integrated marketing and social media, a key part of doing that is optimizing your website for search engines, where the most relevant and most interested segment of your audience resides. The course is only 20$ (10$ if it’s your first on the platform).

4. PPC Univerity


Pay per click advertising is one of the most effective ways to boost traffic, essential for when you’re struggling to carve your niche in this crowded market place. But anyone who’s tried running a Google AdWords campaign understands that there’s an art to it. Your keywords need to be heavily searched but not to the point where the results are crowded, you’re ads need to be split tested to see which elements are working, we could go on. Wordstream’s PPC University has resources that will take you from beginner to pro. Their PPC 101 lesson is available for free as well.

5. Social Media & Digital Marketing

Institute Of Digital & Direct Marketing (IDM)

In addition to SME’s trying to do their own thing, it’s great for freelancers looking to make an extra buck through digital marketing projects as well. The courses are comprehensive and students are provided with accredited and experienced tutors. Furthermore, the course is recognized internationally, with students becoming active members upon signing up. Among many perks, members have access to a gold mine of statistics in world renowned Euro monitor research reports, which normally go for over $300 a piece. Deal!

6. Ultimate Photoshop Training From Beginner to Pro


Because what’s social media and effective self-advertising, without great imagery. 

7. Project Management: The Basics For Success

Think back to your last project, did it go as smoothly as you’d have liked it too? Nine times out of ten it probably won’t, especially when dealing with new scenarios. And if you’re a first time entrepreneur, there’s going to be a few. Not only does this course (designed by the University of California) teach you how to plan and execute a project from concept to completion, it also provides you with elements of leadership training.

8. Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies & Skills


Don’t think you need us to tell you how essential the art of negotiation is; whether on a personal or business level, we negotiate (and argue) on a daily basis. As the lead in your company it is paramount you’re able to walk into a room, command attention and get as close to what in you want in every sales scenario possible. Crafted by the University of Michigan, this course looks to help you do just that.

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