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3 Instagrammable Desserts to try in Dubai

These desserts are worth every calorie!

3 Instagrammable Desserts to try in Dubai

From Nutella Crepes to Pistachio Rose cakes to out of this world freakshakes, Dubai is truly a paradise for all dessert lovers.

Restaurants in Dubai go all out to serve dessert enthusiasts with the most creative concoctions that are meant to satisfy each and every discerning sweet tooth while also gaining major points on the ‘gram.

In this round-up, let’s take a look at 3 desserts in Dubai which may have flown under the radar previously, but are definitely worth trying and talking about!

1. The Baked Mud Pie from Slider Station

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Dubai’s Slider Station may be known for its variety of creative sliders (names of which include “dynamite” and “dangerous”) but their chocolate concoctions are some of the best in the UAE. The Baked Mud Pie comes served in a cast iron skillet, with the steaming hot chocolate still bubbling inside. Cutting into this dessert can righly be described as endeavoring into a luxurious piping hot chocolate river. Vivid? We know. Try it for yourself! Your Instagram followers will thank you! 

2. The Pistachio Tres Leches from Tres Leches DXB

Tres Leches DXB is the new kid on the Dubai dessert block having just launched only a few days ago! A boutique dessert parlour that serves up, you guessed it, tres leches, it’s definitely worth mentioning that their namesake product is extraordinary. The Pistachio tres leches is unlike anything I have ever tasted. It can best be described as a milky wonderland of delightful pistachio flavours coupled with the fluffy essence of cream all served up in a package of goodness which is bound to blow the mind of even the pickiest dessert lover and definitely spice up your Instagram feed with its slightly unusual nature. 10/10, highly recommended!

3. L’Africain hot chocolate from Angelina

French restaurant Angelina, started in the 1900s as a bistro in Paris, is today particularly known for two signature items – its Mont-Blanc dessert and its creamy L’Africain hot chocolate, the latter of which is every chocolate lover’s dream drink. Three types of African cocoas are blended together to create this dark and creamy concoction, which is rich and pudding-like. Served with a scoop of whipped cream, it’s a special drink, best saved for an occasion- which is any day, in our opinion. It’s beautifully served and looks great in photos, you’re welcome!

Let us know in the comments what’s your favorite, Instagram-worthy dessert in Dubai!