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How to elevate your outfit while wearing a mask by using summer trends

You may have accumulated several cute outfits through online shopping sprees this quarantine but do you think facemasks are spoiling your look? Don’t worry, we got you! Here are 5 ways you can look gorgeous even with a facemask.

How to elevate your outfit while wearing a mask by using summer trends

While masks are necessary for our protection during the COVID-19 pandemic, we, fashion enthusiasts definitely know the struggle of making people see past the mass of blue cloth on our faces. But it’s not all dull and gloom. Here are 5 ways to divert attention away from your mask clad face to your outfit using 2020 summer trends!

Accessories! Accessories! Accessories!

Use statement earrings or oversized sunglasses. They could divert the attention away from your boring blue facemask and could also pull your whole outfit together. Don’t overcrowd your face though, pick one accessory and keep it simple. Gold hoops and cat-eye sunglasses are stunning on any outfit but if you want to go the extra mile and jump on the trend wagon then wearing tortoise shell print resin earrings and Oversized D-Frames are the way to go.
Don’t forget the three B’s, berets, bucket hats, and bandanas. Each of these accessories are part of a different aesthetic too so you can pick and choose a hat to match a totally different style each time you venture outdoors. They also add a little extra to your face taking the attention away from your mask.

Try on new bottoms

With Y2K fashion making a comeback midi skirts and flared jeans are all the hype this summer and you don’t want to be the only one not wearing them. Flashy bottoms lay emphasis on your outfit and not your mask.
The wide variety of midi skirts ranging from satin slip to wrap-around leopard print and even denim gives you a plethora of options to choose from. Pick a design that speaks to you and showcases your aesthetic be it cottage core or grunge.
Flared jeans are a perfect choice this summer if you’re feeling the retro vibe. If you think ‘Bell-Bottoms’ aren’t for you, no worries there are various other options to choose from like ‘Kick-Boot’ and ‘Split Front’ jeans. They have the same effect as bell-bottom jeans but with a subdued flare and the Split Front Jeans as the name suggests have an extra accent of a slit running down from mid-shin.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold colored tops

Tie-dye blouses are really in this summer. Whether it’s beautiful rainbow-colored swirls or bleached black shirts they all have a place in this trend. DIY or store-bought tie-dye tops make the perfect fashion statement whilst keeping in tune with the summer aesthetic.

Match your mask to your outfit

You don’t have to stick with just a drab blue mask anymore. You could purchase masks with appropriate filters in different colors and patterns, to go with your outfits. Matching your masks to your outfits not only makes you look sophisticated but also elevates your look.

Carry a bag to go with your outfit

‘Baguette’ bags and fanny packs are the most popular trends this summer. They range from over the top to chic and understated. Having a printed bag or even a self-colored one could tie your outfit together giving you an additional space to carry your sanitizer. If you don’t mind flaunting your blue mask, maybe get a blue bag so your mask won’t look out of place.

Would you use these summer trends to spice up your wardrobe?
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