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How to choose the best wing for your eye shape

Dear Influencers, fret not about your look on event day, these tips will save you.

How to choose the best wing for your eye shape

Learning how to slay the perfect wing is one of the highest-ranking skills in the beauty handbook.

We’re aware of the pressures you may face, especially if you are an influencer or someone who is camera-facing. But before you even pick up your weapon of choice, you need to carefully consider the angle of your wing. The reality is, while the right eyeliner wing can emphasize, lift and snatch your eyes like nothing else, if you get the angle wrong, it can have the opposite effect entirely.

1) Eyeliner for Almond Eyes

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Eye shape: This eye shape mirrors the shape of an almond: they’re almost symmetrical, but they may have a slightly lifted outer corner on the upper or lower lid.

Celebs with almond-shaped eyes: Hailey Baldwin, Kerry Washington, Priyanka Chopra, Rihanna, Angelina Jolie, Kendall Jenner, Nicki Minaj.

Eyeliner Tips: If you have almond eyes, you can pull off tons of wing styles, so you can have fun and get creative. For a classic cat-eye, start by drawing a thin line on the inner corner of the upper lid and build the thickness as you get to the outer corner. A slightly raised wing will emphasize the natural uplift of your eye, so don’t be frightened to add some width at the outer corner for a more dramatic look.

2) Eyeliner for Round Eyes

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Eye shape: Round eyes are usually large and amazingly striking! This is because the length and width are equal, and the white of the eye is often highly visible.

Celebs with round-shaped eyes: Lily Collins, Katy Perry, Deepika Padukone, Michelle Obama, Lana Del Rey, Nicole Richie.

Eyeliner Tips: To accentuate round eyes, you can create a smaller wing or create the illusion of added width by drawing out a longer wing that subtly flares out. Start by drawing focus to the outer corners. So, start your liner 1/3 of the way from the outer corner, bringing your line into a long, horizontal flick. For added drama, use a dark eyeshadow to ‘line’ the lower lash line 1/3 of the way into your eye and join it to the upper wing. You could also add detail at the inner corner to further elongate the eye and add drama.

3) Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes

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Eye Shape: Hooded eyes get their name because of the visual “hood” that’s created over the eye itself via the brow bone (and sometimes a little extra skin).

Celebs with hooded eyes: Emma Stone, Blake Lively, Lupita Nyong’o, Jennifer Lawrence, Claudia Schiffer, Aishwarya Rai, Jennifer Anniston.

Eyeliner Tips: Eyeliner for hooded lids is one of the most complex wings to do, especially because everyone’s hood is different and can crease in different places on the lid. Hooded eyes can have a small hood or be very hooded, and the latter typically means that most of the mobile lid (the part of your lid that moves) is covered, and therefore your beautiful wing is altered when the eye is open.

4) Eyeliner for Deep-Set Eyes

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Eyeliner Tips: For deep-set eyes, angling your wing up too sharply can mean that it hits your natural crease, so focus on pulling the wing outwards. Draw a thin line along your lash line as close to your lash line as possible, extending along to the flick. For a sultrier evening look, accentuate the corners and the outer half of your eye. However, if you have large eyes, you’ll be able to add more width, especially with the outer corners, so you can go for a much bigger wing.

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