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Why are social media influencers wearing tie-dye in quarantine?

Self-isolation but make it fashion…

Why are social media influencers wearing tie-dye in quarantine?

Chances are if you’ve been scrolling through your social media feed recently you’ve come across an influencer or online personality decked out in tie-dye.

From fluffy coffee to the seemingly endess list of TikTok dance challenges, the online community continuusly commits to finding ways to beat the quarantine boredom. 

Turns out, all the cool kids on Instagram HAVE figured out a way to make quarantine fashion: matching tie-dye sweats

Tie-dye was definitely having its moment pre-COVID however the trend has really picked up as most of the world locks down indoors. Perhaps the colorful nature and coziness of tie-dye sweats serves as a rightful mood-booster during these uncertain times and also undoubtedly adds a major color kick to anyone’s Instagram feed. 

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According to TODAY, Pinterest’s experience researcher and in-house stylist, Larkin Brown, says searches for “tie-dye at home” are up 462% in the past few weeks on the site. “Since this is not the time to run out and shop, tie-dye is the style trend you can adapt into a DIY activity right at home. “While this process is relatively simple, it takes multiple steps and washes; just the kind of time extender we’re all looking for these days,” Brown said.

Some Youtubers such as Bailey Taylor have even posted tutorials on how you can achieve the funky look at home with a DIY video. 

According to Business Insider, the tie-dye craze is being fueled by YouTube and TikTok creators and we have no idea how long this trend would last but we are grateful for the bursts of color on our social media feeds in the meanwhile.

Will you try the tie-dye trend?

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