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Myntra’s Game-Changing Virtual Influencer: Hello Maya

Maya, Myntra’s virtual influencer – a fashion phenom, here to redefine what it means to be an influencer

Maya: Virtual Influencer

Step into the future of fashion as Myntra, the renowned Indian online fashion platform, introduces Maya, their first-ever virtual fashion influencer.

Maya is not just your ordinary influencer; she is a digital trendsetter and style maven, leading the way in redefining the boundaries of fashion. With a perfect blend of innovation and creativity, Maya is set to revolutionize the industry.

Are you ready to witness the impact of Maya, as she takes the fashion world by storm at Myntra?

Meet Maya

Maya is the epitome of bold, unafraid. She is a steadfast supporter of body positivity, mental health, equality, and inclusion, among other things. She is a warm-hearted humanoid who exudes confidence and is outspoken yet sympathetic. This Gemini balances being a student and a virtual influencer on her Instagram, where she has 177K followers who follow her for her approachable, wholesome content and for fashion and makeup inspiration. 

According to Sunder Balasubramanian, Myntra’s Chief Marketing Officer, “Maya, a distinctive figure of Myntra Fashion Forward (FWD), will function as an influencer on social media and also be part of Myntra’s own social commerce on the Myntra Studio platform.”

“Maya is set to become the ultimate ‘style hacker’ setting new benchmarks in the world of fashion with her on-trend and experimental approach that is sure to win the hearts of fashionistas across the country”, he added.

Maya will debut in conjunction with Myntra’s 18th biannual “End of Reason Sale” (or “EORS”), serving as the “style hacker” for Generation Z and sharing the latest trends and offers.

EORS-18 is slated to commence on June 1, 2023, with exclusive early access for ‘Myntra Insiders’ on today (May 31). 

Understanding The World of Virtual Influencers

Virtual influencers are computer-generated characters, often powered by artificial intelligence, that are designed to resemble real-life individuals and interact with audiences through various digital platforms.

One of the key advantages of virtual influencers is their ability to maintain a consistent and flawless appearance, as their features are carefully crafted and controlled by their creators. They can be designed to embody a specific brand image, making them ideal ambassadors for marketing campaigns and collaborations. They also have the advantage of being available 24/7, as they are not bound by physical limitations or the need for rest.

The ‘Virtual Influencers Survey 2022’ data reveals that 58% of respondents follow at least one virtual influencer, with 27% of them doing so for the material, 19% for the narrative, and 15% for the inspiration they offer.

What Does This Mean For Human Influencers?

The rise of virtual influencers does not necessarily mean that human fashion influencers will run out of business. While virtual influencers have gained attention and popularity in recent years, human influencers still hold significant value in the industry.

Human influencers often bring a personal touch, relatability, and authenticity to their content, connecting with their audience on a deeper level. They possess the ability to express emotions, share personal experiences, and provide genuine recommendations, which can be influential factors for consumers.

Furthermore, human influencers can offer a more diverse range of content beyond fashion, such as lifestyle, travel, or wellness, which can contribute to their overall appeal and engagement. They can collaborate with brands, attend events, and build relationships in ways that virtual influencers may not be able to.

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