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Yas Vocals releases a new song called ‘Take Flight’ on YouTube!

Image Credit: @yasvocals

Yas Vocals, 21 wears many hats – some being Dancer, Singer, and Influencer. Not only is she an amazing performer, but in addition to all of this – Yas is also the founder of ‘Yas Music & Dance’, a complex in Dubai where you’re able to sign up for lessons and attend her classes. Read our interview with her to understand how social media helped boost her song.

Q: What was the idea behind the song?

Yas: “The idea behind Take Flight was to talk about my journey as an artist. The song is about how I am going after my dreams and doing all that I can to achieve them.”

Q: What was it that made you create a song right now?

Yas: “My music is very personal to me, it is always about something that I have experienced. I have had rejections and people tell me that I won’t make it (as I’m sure all artists have), and wanted to have this song to confirm to myself that despite the rejections, I am strong, determined, and will fight for myself. I also wanted to inspire my audience with this song and let them know that they can also achieve the things they desire.”

Q: What’s more of your passion – singing, dancing, or both? How do you balance both?

Yas: “Ah, that’s a hard one! I honestly can’t choose between singing and dancing. I am extremely passionate about both and feel that they definitely go hand in hand. I am pursuing a career in music, and want to be a performer, not only a singer, which is why dancing is very important.”

Q: How are you looking to promote the song and on which platform will you be distributing it?

Yas: “I want this song to be an inspiration to my audience. Hopefully, a song that they can listen to when they feel like giving up or feel like they can’t keep going, and remind them that they are also strong! Yes, I definitely will be releasing more music along with some music videos this year, which I’m extremely excited about! Take flight is released on all streaming platforms.”

Q: How has social media helped you with where you are today, and with pursuing your passion?

Yas: “Social media has definitely helped me throughout my journey. It helps me connect with my audience and get feedback from them which also allows me to grow as an artist. It helps me promote my music to a large audience which I’m so grateful for! Social media is extremely important for artists at the moment, which is why I am committed and focused on growing my audience every day.”

You can now listen to Yas Vocals new song Take Flight on YouTube here:

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