Elnaz Golrokh


Elnaz Golrokh is an Iranian influencer, make-up artist and model based in Dubai. She began her journey on Instagram in 2013 and has grown to have over 5.2 million followers on her profile. Elnaz is married to fellow influencer and model, Hamid Fadaei, and often creates content along with him. The influencer creates content on topics including make-up, fashion and lifestyle.


Elnaz Golrokh is from Tehran, Iran. She is currently based in Dubai and LA.


Elnaz worked as a make-up artist and began her journey on social media to promote her skills as a professional artist. She has worked with multiple famous brands including Dior, Drunk Elephant, Body Shop and Fenty. The influencer has also worked with Charlotte Tilbury multiple times. Elnaz’s Instagram is a delight with beautiful make-up looks and an insider’s look into her life. She conducts make-up classes which are also very popular among her followers. Most of Elnaz’s content is shot by her husband who she never fails to credit in her posts. Elnaz also has a YouTube channel in which she posts make-up tutorials with around 44K subscribers.

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