EMKWAN is an award-winning YouTuber, Digital and Social Media Influencer whose regarded as “One of the UAE’s top video bloggers” by Esquire Magazine. Originally from the UK, the technology and lifestyle influencer is now based in Abu Dhabi.


The name EMKWAN is an online pseudonym, built up while creating and producing videos on YouTube and being active on social media. The content produced has allowed him to collaborate with the likes of Google, BlackBerry, Nissan, Bentley Motors, Esquire Magazine, The Princes Trust (UK), and Ortis Deley from The Gadget Show (British Television) to name but few.

His YouTube channel has over 50+ million views and 146K subscribers and this year, Emkwan received his Golden Visa allowing long-term stability and the opportunity to grow his influencer status in the UAE.


EMKWAN is featured by publications such as Esquire Magazine, Gulf News, Arabian Gazette, and many others. Highly active online and amongst a group of influential English speaking individuals on social media in the Middle East (Source: Top 100 Arabs). In 2015, EMKWAN has selected as one of AHLAN!’s Hot 100 Influencers of the Middle East.

To learn more about Emkwan, send us a message at talent@itp.live.