Layla Akil


Layla Akil is a Lebanese influencer known for her charming and bold personality. She won the award for Beauty Snap-chatter of the year at the Cosmopolitan Beauty and Influencer Awards 2020. Layla posts content on beauty, lifestyle and fashion, and has over 178K followers on Instagram. She was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, and is now a popular figure on Arab Social Media.


Layla Akil has been in the Influencer industry for over 7 years and is popularly known for the YouTube Series Perfection 101’ she hosts. The series talks about several interesting topics including the abuse against women. Layla, through her work, urges her community to talk more about several pressing issues. She also has over 12K subscribers on her YouTube channel. Layla’s talent and hard work have helped her collaborate with brands such as Nivea, Neutrogena, and Pantene.


Layla is the host of the ITP Originals’ YouTube series, ‘Perfection 101’ or هوس الجمال, which has garnered a lot of attention and is now on its fourth season. She also made her music debut in 2021 with ‘Kel El Deni’ on Razz Production’s YouTube channel. Layla is well-known on Snapchat for her Beauty content and has a huge following on the platform as well.

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