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Top 10 Emirati Jewelry Designer Brands: For Your Diamond Obsession

These Arab Jewelry designers are breaking the mold and influencing the world with their works of art

Jewelry Designer

We have all heard the saying, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” but these middle eastern women have transitioned from obsessing over the jewelry to creating some of the finest and most exquisite collections in the world. From loving the jewelry to making the jewelry, these women entrepreneurs have started successful jewelry brands and made a gold mark in the world.

These 10 Arab jewelry designers hailing from the middle east have proved that your passion can be your obsession. They have created a sophisticated jewelry culture across the world, with their ultra-complex and thoughtful designs handpicked by influencers and celebrities for styling their glamorous looks

We are thoroughly convinced that some of the world’s finest jewelry designs are crafted in the middle east in the sight of these jewelry designers. There is a rise in fashion jewelry and emerging labels in the UAE and these Arab Jewelry Passionists are topping our list.

MKS Jewellery

MKS Jewelry is the brainchild of H.H. Sheikha Mariam bint Khalifa bin Saif Al Nahyan, the granddaughter of UAE’s President. Her collection is inspired by the rich Emirati heritage and the spirit of the UAE.

The brand uses locally sourced materials and strives to empower women in the region to think creatively and build their own path to success.

Sana Al Maktoum Fine Jewelry

Sheikha Sana Al Maktoum is a successful entrepreneur and jewelry designer, who founded her eponymous luxury jewelry brand and is also a pioneer in humanitarian initiatives and charitable projects.

Her designs are bespoke jewels that women can cherish forever and even pass down as family heirlooms because jewelry means tradition. Some of the most famous pieces are fluttering butterflies and gems recognized in the industry as her signature designs. 

Azza Fahmy

Making a statement with her exquisite pieces. Azza Fahmy has successfully developed a luxury jewelry brand over a period of 50 years, the only Egyptian jewelry designer that has conquered the international stage at a very early stage.

Fahmy’s jewelry is deeply rooted in history and culture, her pieces are designed for the modern woman, with an intention to bridge the gap between the past and the present. 

Sophia Beirut

Believing that elegance is a way of expression and it lasts longer than life, Sophia Abi Chahine founded Sophia Beirut in 2016. With a background in art direction and marketing and PR, Sophia started dabbing in the creation of jewelry at the request of her friend.

That’s the start of her journey and the beginning of a sustainable fashion jewelry and accessories label. She designs versatile pieces that look like art and can help you feel your best self.


Ruwaya is a fine-jewelry brand that tells the story of Fatima Al Dhaheri (the founder) who created a jewelry line that speaks to the exclusive heritage of Arabic lore. It tells her journey from learning while working for her father in childhood and getting the gift of jewelry design from her family.

Ruwaya features precious stones in fine 18K-gold jewelry designs and has over a period of time gained the reputation of a gifted and artistic jewelry store known for its one-off pieces.

Noor Fares

Famous for creating luxury jewelry designs that have a soul, Noor Fares rely on ancient stones that are crafted into jewelry symbolizing history and culture. Ever since she was born and started looking at the world with her eyes, the Lebanese jewelry designer has believed that stones have some magic powers, and her exquisite work reflects that.

Presenting to you its intricate and talismanic designs, to wear in style or keep as a collection to pass on to your next generation, Noor Fares is a must-have designer jewelry brand.

Donna Hourani

Donna Hourani, a popular jewelry designer launched her very own eponymous luxury brand, receiving a lot of attention from celebrities and influencers due to her sleek and minimalistic portfolio of designs. Adding more color to traditional jewelry, she has worked on increasing the desirability of her pieces for every occasion.

We recommend this label needs to be on your radar, check her designs and we bet you will grab some.

Bil Arabi

Lebanese artist and jewelry designer, Nadine Kanso launched her own luxury label in the heart of Dubai, her adopted home as she calls it. Her brand is one of the region’s most covetable jewelry brands, featuring Arabic scripts and abstracts crafted in modern designs.

The most recent collection from Bil Arabi includes Arabic geometric motifs, inspired by her idea of bringing Arabic alphabets in jewelry form.

Shamsa Alabbar

Another Emirati woman turning her background in graphic design and love of Middle Eastern Culture into a thriving luxury jewelry brand, Shamsa Alabbar came up with her venture in the same name.

Her designs are admired and handpicked by contemporary Arab women longing for strong luxury aesthetic and Arabic calligraphy references. Her gold and silver pieces feature her signature graphic lines and minimalistic lettering designs colliding with art and typography.

Hamda Abdulla Fine Jewelry

Looking for a bridal jewelry ensemble to stand out on your wedding day, check out this designer and her exclusive collection for your big-day jewelry inspiration.

An exciting new Dubai-based jewelry designer, Hamda Abdulla is making the world talk about her designs from lotus-shaped bracelets to floating rings her designs are bold and delicate perfect for your trousseau or big day. Hamda Abdulla’s Fine jewelry is still young but everyone is talking about her eye for details and bold shapes.

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