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10 Instagram Bakers Ruling The World With Their Heavenly Cake Recipes

Here is the list of 10 Instagram bakers that will fill your feed with a mix of professional and amateur cake, pastry and dough supremos

Instagram Bakers - Cake

Are you a dessert lover or have a passion for baking? Do you struggle in finding new and easy recipes, to bake or just order for yourself some really trending Instagram cakes?

As we know, Instagram has quickly climbed the food chain as a social media marketing tool in every field be it sports, music, entertainment, or food. So most of us will also agree that every baker and every cake instructor has to be a part of this platform in order to reach the potential audience.

There’s a whole new generation of Digi-bakers, who are posting their incredible creations on Instagram, and the combination of stylish food photography and mouth-watering recipes is getting viral across social media platforms. After all who needs an excuse for ogling over a cake?

If you are looking for some baking inspo this summer, then your search ends right here! Follow these accounts to get instant baking inspiration:

Amy Duska

Amy Duska is a food blogger and Baking professional, with over 50k followers on Instagram. Amy’s love and passion for food and baking are never-ending, for her, it is like a  cathartic experience that has been satisfying her soul for years. In Amy’s own words, “Food is her love language.”

Her Instagram is full of delicious recipes, not limited to cakes as she also conducts ‘Sourdough Baking Lessons’ for Beginners. Not all bakers in the world will make pretty and colorful cakes, some believe in providing delicious and incredibly simple recipes to be made without spending hours in the kitchen!

Natalya Syanova

Natalya Syanova is a Chicago-based mother of two and a sourdough expert with more than eight years of baking experience. She attended Food Enthusiast classes at the French Pastry School in Chicago in 2013, to understand how to bake pastries professionally from the industry’s best bakers.

And by 2020, her platform @NatashasBaking was named by Forbes Online as one of the top bread influencers that are the go-to references when you are learning to bake at home. She brings the age-old secrets of successful bread baking to a new generation of bakers.

Meline Mirijanyan

How about a Japanese Mochi? These colorful and delicious Mochis will surely make your mouth water and can help satisfy your sweet tooth. Mochi is a Japanese rice cake made by pounding glutinous rice into a paste, stuffed and molded into round shapes, and frozen to be eaten later.

Meline Mirijanyan is a pastry, macron and cake Influencer, who comes with new and interesting recipes on her Instagram. You can also order from her social media handle some of her trending dessert recipes for your sugar cravings next time.

Amanda Cooper

How cute is this Barbie cake for the Barbie movie premiere? When the world is following the Barbiecore trend, let’s celebrate the cutest movie on the planet with the cute pink Barbie cake.

Amanda Cooper is a video creator with 2.5M+ followers on TikTok and 700K+ subscribers on YouTube. Her social media is full of cake videos with a unique quality, especially the buff and emo makeovers and twerking cakes. Her videos are a treat to watch. She bakes on Thursdays that’s what her Bio suggests,  but she believes that “A bad day spent baking is better than a good day doing anything else.”

Manuela Kjeilen

What kind of cake do you like? That’s what Manuela asks everyone she meets.

Manuela Kjeilen is a content creator and Baker, who calls herself a baking artist. Manuela also has a baking app named “Love Manuela” which has more than 330 recipes and is updated regularly with new recipes.  Wondering what her usual day looks like – Wake up, Bake, Rinse, and Repeat!

Her social media is full of delicious cake recipes, from chocolate cake to Ricotta strawberry & Jello Cake. There is no recipe left untouched by her and she has updated everything on her app so check out the app next time you crave.

Deeba Rajpal

Deeba Rajpal is a Cookbook Author, Eggless Baker, Content Creator, Food Blogger, and dessert lover. She believes that you can’t be a good baker if you aren’t a dessert lover. Well, that’s true, because that’s where it all begins.

Just like an entrepreneur who discovers a problem, and then comes up with a solution, a dessert lover discovers what’s lacking in a dessert and comes up with a perfect dessert and creates a recipe to satisfy sweet cravings. According to her, ” I don’t care what the problem is. But Baking is definitely the solution.”

Liberty Mendez

Liberty Mendez is a Freelance food & travel writer, blogger, recipe tester, food journalist, and professionally-trained baker and chef who is based in London. She calls herself a food stylist, is also a well-known author of “I’ll Bake” and do run a food podcast as well.

Her recipes are embraced across the globe and she keeps her followers posted on social media about her new recipes. According to her, “When I’m happy, I bake. When I’m sad, I bake. Like baking is my solution for life’s every problem.”

We couldn’t agree more with you Liberty, just that, for us desserts are the solution for life’s every problem.

Chef Kritika

Kritika is a Delhi-based cake artist, who owns a cooking school and has trained more than 10k students in her baking classes. Being a baking mentor to Indian students through consistent workshops and her online presence on social media, Kritika is on a mission in making the world a baker’s place.

In Kritika’s words, “A good dessert could make you feel like you have created joy at the tips of your fingers. Suddenly, the people around the table feels no longer strangers. They are like friends and confidantes, and you are only sharing with them your magic.”

Jeyadra Vijayselvan

Jeyadra calls herself your holistic baking mentor for eggless dreamy cakes. She was born in Coimbatore and now living in Bangalore. She began baking in 2014, after working in multinationals as an engineer for over 5 years and retreating to baking as her full-time profession.

She has trained & mentored 45000+ baking enthusiasts globally. Her recipes are battle-tested by hundreds of bakers in their kitchens. All her recipes work wonders and will find a permanent place in your kitchen.


Alejandra is a cake influencer with beautiful and colorful cakes across her social media handle. Her cakes are beautifully decorated with edible fondant, customized for her clients and her idea of happiness is to make everyone smile with her cakes on their special occasion.

According to her, “If baking is any labor at all, it’s a labor of love. A love that gets passed down from generation to generation.”

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