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Yas Vocals brings to light the negative side of Social Media with her latest single ‘Only One’

You are not the Only One: Yas Vocals’ latest single is all about the drawbacks of social media

Yas Vocals brings to light the negative side of Social Media with her latest single ‘Only One’

Yasmine dives into the gloom-ridden side of Social Media that holds a strong grip on the best of us in her new single ‘Only One’.
If social media has disrupted your peace, influencing you to believe that you are not enough, then you’re certainly not the Only One. Dubai-based singer and performer, Yasmine, popularly known as Yas Vocals talks about false realities in social media and the dominant control it holds in her new song ‘Only One’.

The vocally gifted 20-year-old is a true performer holding great passion for singing, dancing and choreographing. It doesn’t end there! Yasmine is also the proud founder of ‘Yas Music and Dance’, a dancing complex in Dubai where you can follow your dreams of being a dancer by signing up for lessons!

Living in a highly digitalized world comes with its own set of challenges. Although social media has tremendously changed our lives, making it simple and crisp, it is highly essential to recognize and overcome its downside.

“This song is very personal to me. We live in a time where social media decides on how we feel, what we do, it takes over our lives. It controls our social, physical and mental well-being and, in my opinion, it is creating a lot of depression and unhappiness, which is the downside of social media.”, expresses Yasmine.

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The young artist believes the multiple negative perceptions of reality created by social media are absolutely unrealistic and false. Individuals, especially the youth, have experienced the online pressure of looking, thinking, dressing and/or living a certain way, molding them to fit into the unrealistic standards in the society.

“In this song I wanted to put forward a message to those who are struggling with this, letting them know that they aren’t the only one. I would always watch others on Instagram and think that they are doing so much better than me and would feel like I’m the only one that’s not doing enough, not good enough, not where I should be…”, Yasmine said.

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