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#KeepUsWarm: YouTube Family Freeze Themselves in Order to Support Refugee Rights

In a nearly 4-hour long live stream video, the Anasala Family attempt to brave the cold in a bid to save refugee families.

#KeepUsWarm: YouTube Family Freeze Themselves in Order to Support Refugee Rights

Earlier this week, the Anasala Family – a YouTube channel with over 11.2 million subscribers that features husband and wife Anas Marwah and Asala Maleh and their daughter Mila Marwah – has taken a pledge to help refugee families this winter.

On Sunday, February 14th, Anasala filmed a nearly 4-hour long live episode to support 1000 refugee families fighting for their survival during the harsh winter months. Anasala launched the #KeepUsWarm campaign on social media to create hype before the live show – which features the family braving the cold in order to spread awareness on the daily hardships faced by refugees worldwide. The UN Refugee agency – an organization that protects the rights and well-being of refugees globally – created a donation page on their website in support of Anasala’s initiative.

The UN Refugee agency writes:

“The Anasala family recognizes that the past year has been very difficult and more challenging for displaced families due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They understand how winter could be extremely tough for those uprooted from their homes, unable to provide food, winter clothes, and warmth for themselves and their families. Believing in the power of community support and family spirit, Anasala and their family invite you today to think of refugee and displaced families as part of your global family. Your donation today will help families brave the cold weather and provide shelter repairs, blankets and heaters, as well as winter survival funds so that families can afford heating, winter clothes, food and medicine for their children”.

Many influencers on social media were inspired to join the #KeepUsWarm campaign, including Arabic gaming influencer Ahmed AlNasheet (@dvlzgame). To show his support, Nasheet posted a photo on his Instagram with the #KeepUsWarm in an effort to hype Anasala’s live stream event:

“Tomorrow is going to be a big day for us @anasmarwah @asalamaleh @ossymarwah and all of us will try to help the @refugees families all around the world partnering up with @unhcr_arabic hopefully we will be able to reach our goal and help all the families so watch the livestream 14-2-2021 and spread the world #KeepUsWarm the whole goal is to try to feel like how the refugees feel in the cold and I know even if we froze ourselves it won’t be 1% of how they feel but we are trying to raise awareness and help the families. So keep us warm 14-2-2021 at 8 pm KSA time”.

As of today, Anasala has saved 937 refugee families, 63 families short of their campaign goal. If you are interested in donating – you can do so on the UN Refugee Agency’s website