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Double The Influence:15 Twin Influencers Dominating The Digital Space

Get ready to be inspired by these twin influencers who are taking the social media platforms by storm with their unique style and captivating content


Are you looking forward to having twice the bang for your buck?

We have come up with a list of 15 twin influencers that have been successfully creating doubly impactful content for their Instagram handle along with their significant other and have created a key trend over the past few years which we call the “Twinfluencer trend” these days.

Whether working separately or as a pair, these twin influencers have created a significant influence on social media platforms across the globe, merely by sharing fun challenge videos, twin content, and other lifestyle content with their audiences, inspiring and uplifting those who watch their videos and follow them.

Double the giggles, doubles the grins, and double the trouble when we bring to you the world’s best twins.

Saudi reporters

Saudi Arabian brother, Abdullah Bakr and Abdulaziz Bakr started their YouTube channel ‘The Saudi Reporters’ in 2010 by creating satirical comedy videos which have now reached over 8.5 million subscribers on YouTube and over 2.5 million followers on Instagram.

The comedic power duo quickly achieved great success in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Arab World between 2015 and 2020. Their content includes comedy sketches, challenges, experiments, and travel vlogs, which are uniquely humorous and popular, especially amongst the teenage demographic in the Arab world.

Rawan and Rayan

Rawan and Rayan, the sister duo that dominated the YouTube game as Influencers ever since they joined the social media platform. The duo from Jordan has perfected the art of growing successfully online with an audience of over 10.7 million subscribers on their YouTube channel and over 4.4 million followers on their Instagram page.

They now collaborate with some of the biggest luxury brands out there, such as Benefit Cosmetics & Nars, thanks to their online popularity. Rawan & Rayan also frequently share different products and reviews from the international makeup line with followers on their Instagram feed.

Twins Hadban

The dynamic duo Twins Hadban has successfully bagged over 1.5 million followers on TikTok, some luxury fashion campaigns, and front-row fashion week invites; all with one mission to take twinning to the next level.

The Emirati duo, Mohammed, and Humaid Hadban were reported wearing designer pieces from the biggest luxury brands such as Dior, Hermes, and Loewe to name a few. The brother who have become social media stars with their coordinated, colorful matching styles have driven the men’s fashion industry to another level.


Shashtari Twins are content creators and bloggers who have managed to gather a huge following on their social media handle with over 1.1 million followers on Instagram and over 83.8k subscribers on their YouTube channel since 2020.

The dynamic duo on Instagram, are an inspiring force of creativity and positivity. They create vidoes on viral trends with a comic factor and their Instagram feed is filled with eye-catching content, photography and captivating storytelling, they transport their followers to new realms.

From travel adventures to heartwarming moments, their content radiates joy, leaving a lasting impact on all who visit their profile.


GirlsInThetwinCities is an Instagram handle managed by two sisters who have a passion for content creation and their admiration has gained them enormous followers on their TikTok, Instagram and YouTube handle. It is a must-follow account for anyone seeking inspiration and style.

They are multifaceted influencer, seamlessly blending Lifestyle, Travel, Health, Beauty, and Fashion into their engaging video content by collaborating with brands like 7up, Nescafe, etc. With a keen eye for aesthetics and an authentic approach, they captivates their audience with inspiring content, helpful wellness tips, stunning fashion looks, and a glimpse into their vibrant daily life.

Hassan and Hussein Bin Mahfouz

Hassan and Hussein Bin Mahfouz, the dynamic duo of the skating world, have taken the sports scene as well socila media world by storm. The talented brothers gained fame through their remarkable performance on “Arabs Got Talent,” catapulting them to social media stardom.

Hussein’s impressive third-place ranking in Asia and top-ten position globally showcases their remarkable skills and dedication. In addition to their prowess on the ice, the brothers are charismatic sports presenters, adding flair to youth events. Their journey continues to inspire aspiring skaters and thrill audiences worldwide.

Abood & Noor

The duo brothers Abood and Noor run the Instagram account @twinzylx, which has over 21.2k followers. The brothers are passionate about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, and their content reflects their interests but with a comic factor.

They post highly humorous photos and videos based on recently viral trends and their followers love the fact that they can come up with something quirky everytime they post on their social media handle. They are also active on Instagram, posting new content several times a week.

Sara & Hajar

Sara and Hajar, the dynamic duo, have made a significant impact on social media as well as in the literary world. As pioneering Arab experts in body language and humanities, they have become key contributors to the widespread dissemination of this knowledge.

Their Instagram page, boasting over 2 million followers, serves as a platform to reach a diverse audience, while their two best-selling books have topped the Gulf charts, solidifying their influence in the field. Their passion for educating and empowering others continues to shine through their remarkable journey.

Sarah & Philippa

Meet Sarah & Philippa, the dynamic twin content creators who have their own brand @watthebrand. With their infectious creativity and shared passion for storytelling, they deliver captivating videos that resonate with audiences worldwide.

From heartwarming vlogs to stunning photography, their unique perspectives as twins add a special charm to their ever-growing digital journey. Double the talent, double the inspiration!

Surabhi & Samriddhi

Surabhi and Samriddhi, the inseparable twin of content creators, have taken the digital world by storm with their infectious creativity and magnetic personalities. Their journey began on a video-sharing social networking app, where they rapidly garnered a massive fanbase, owing to their unique and engaging content.

As a dynamic duo, they complement each other’s strengths, delivering a diverse array of captivating videos that range from entertaining skits to insightful vlogs. With their innate chemistry and mutual passion for content creation, Surabhi and Samriddhi continue to captivate audiences, leaving an indelible mark in the digital realm.

Twin content creators, Surabhi and Samriddhi, made a mark in the entertainment industry with roles in “Naagin,” “College Romance” (as Raveena and Karishma), and “Hero Gayab Mode On,” showcasing their versatile talent.

Tanika & Tarika

Dance is a way to express yourself freely and some people are definitely more talented than others when it comes to doing this. Just like these sisters in a video that has recently been shared on Instram and has been going viral on social media for all the right reasons. 

Meet Tanika and Tarika, the obligatory engineers turned impassioned dancers! As twin content creators, they have gracefully blended their engineering background with their love for dance, wowing audiences with their mesmerizing performances.

Their artistic flair shines through in every creation, as they inspire and delight with their rhythmic talents and captivating content.

Poonam & Priyanka

Meet Poonam and Priyanka Shah, the Indian-American sister duo hailing from Chicago. With a decade of training in Bharatnatyam, an Indian classical dance form, and a couple of years in various Hip-Hop styles, they are adept choreographers. Through their dance fusion, they uniquely express their artistic selves in captivating ways.

According to the twin-duo, “Duality is the natural state of our universe, if one polarity exists, then by law, the opposite must also coexist with it, in balance and harmony.”

Abdul Hannan & Abdul Mannan

Abdul Hannan and Abdul Mannan are twin brothers based in Dubai, who owns and manages @hm_twins Instagram account with 18.5k followers. The duo are also fashion designers who owns a clothing label named @hannanmannanlabel.

They create videos around personal shopping experiences and it is clear from their feed that the talented twins share an inseparable bond. Their synchronized skills and harmony captivate audiences, make leaving a lasting impression wherever they go.

Tashi & Nungshi Malik

Twin sisters Tashi and Nungshi Malik achieved greatness by being the first to conquer Mount Everest together. They became India’s ‘Everest Twins’, by recently summiting two 4,000 m peaks in the Swiss Alps, and they are now pursuing the Switzerland 100 per cent Women Peak Challenge.

From scaling Seven Summits to reaching the North and South Poles, these Dehradun-born adventurers continue to defy limits and inspire others with their remarkable mountaineering accomplishments. Standing on the summit of Mount Rudugaira in the Indian Himalayas transformed their perspectives, driving them to pursue even greater heights.

Abdulrahman & Maitha

Abdulrahman and Maitha are UAE’s youngest twin Emirati chefs, who are on their journey towards achieve the greatest heights with their love of cooking and passion to create good food. UAE’s little chef duo, whip up culinary delights that amaze all. Despite their young age, their cooking skills showcase immense talent and passion for gastronomy.

There Instagram feeds show us how siblings are busy pulling each other’s leg in between the cooking, making it clear that underneath all their accomplishments, they are first and foremost brother and sister, a bond that is quite evident as they worked side by side.

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