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So, what are Snapchat Spectacles?

And should you be wearing them?

So, what are Snapchat Spectacles?

While Google Glass grabbed the headlines a year or so ago, offering an augmented reality experience (at the cost of looking a little nerdy) Snapchat have entered the bespectacled user-experience fray with the launch of their own eyewear range?

So how do they work? Well, in a nutshell, the new Snap Spectacles simply allow the wearer to take Snaps on the go while looking through the lens as their normal eye would.

How about battery life?! We hear you cry. It’s not too bad, as it happens. The life of each pair of fully-charged spectacles means that users can take up to 100 snaps, each at 10 seconds each. And each snap taken through the Spectacles will the sync with your mobile device, saving your photos in your “Memories.”

The devices have some pretty cool features themselves, with each being able to shoot videos in HD quality as well as in a 115-degree circular video. Each lens contains small cameras in the top corner, surrounded by a ring of LED lights.

The Spectacles also come with a charging case and a cleaning cloth (shaped like Snapchat’s emblematic ghost) to keep your pair squeaky clean and snap-ready.  Your colour options are threefold, including black, teal and coral…so plan your snap outfit accordingly.

So now you presumably really want to buy a pair, right? So now for the how and where.

Snap Inc, the brainchild behind Snap has placed roaming vending machines called Snapbots around various cities, with each machine containing a limited number of Spectacles, retailing at $130 each.

Unfortunately, there’s no word as yet about when we’d expect to see these bots around Dubai, but with a Snap Inc., headquarters recently opening in the city, we have a feeling it won’t be long.