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Top 10 Tips From Influencers and Experts at ITP Live’s Social Media Training Day

Confidence + Action + Commitment

Top 10 Tips From Influencers and Experts at ITP Live's Social Media Training Day

Did you know you have eight seconds to capture your audience’s attention?

If you weren’t able to attend ITP Live’s Social Media Training Day at The Address Hotel this past Saturday, you missed out on some valuable advice.

Sponsored by Splash Fashions, the day was filled with talks and panel discussions. Industry experts covered everything from ‘Successful Video Strategy’ to ‘How YouTube Can Make You A Video Star.’

UAE-based influencers like Renee Farah, Omar Borkan, Emkwan, Eljammi Gozalli, Rosemin Manji and Mohanad Al Hattab took to the stage to share their experiences, tips and tricks on building a career in social media. 

If you couldn’t make it, don’t worry. We’ve rounded up the ten most important piece of advice that the influencers and industry experts shared at ITP Live’s Social Media Training Day. 

Check them out below and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Start Today (Because Tomorrow It Will Be Harder…)

One of the toughest aspects of starting a YouTube channel… is actually getting it started.

Filming that first vlog can be really hard. Finding the time, money, energy and resources to get going can be challenging.

But don’t delay!

It’s easy to put off for another day, but industry experts made it clear it’s always better to start sooner than waiting for the perfect moment.

Getting started is often the hardest step to take and the longer you wait, the more competition there will be on platforms. Breaking into the influencer industry today is harder than ever before, so do yourself a favour and start now!

Focus On Creating Video Content

Concentrate your efforts on creating high-quality video content, and establishing yourself on platforms that support video content (i.e. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.)

“[When it comes to video] you’re engaging viewers in terms of understanding and comprehension,” Creator Up’s Sean Graham said, during ‘Successful Video Strategy’.

“And also if the sound is on, you’re engaged with [the] auditory senses [of your audience]. This why video is more engaging…”

While you shouldn’t neglect other forms of media, consider putting the majority of your time and efforts into creating videos.

Be Authentic

“For me, authenticity and integrity is so important,” Rosemin Manji said, in talks with Grazia Middle East’s Editor-in-Chief Alison Tay. “I think [it’s important] if you want to stay in the game for a very long time.”

“I’ve been in the industry for over 20 years, and I think that what defines us is that we have been very authentic to our careers.”

While Tay acknowledged there seems to be a new level of authenticity amongst influencers and creators (she dubbed it “Instagram authenticity”), both herself and Manji agreed that curating a stylish Instagram feed should come naturally to an aspiring fashion influencer or blogger.

Focus on Building A Community With Your Followers, By Engaging With Them

Brands want to work with influencers who have high levels of engagement with their audiences. And one way for an influencer to secure this is by developing a sense of community with followers.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by replying to comments and answering followers’ questions.

“I try to respond as best as I can, especially if [my followers] leave me open ended comments,” Manji said. “I always try to say thank you. I try to be as helpful as I can.”

Network, Network, Network!

This one goes without saying, but don’t hide behind your phone screen forever.

Get out to events (like ITP Live Training Days) and meet other people in the influencer marketing industry.

This is the best way to find other influencers, creators and brands to collaborate with, especially when you’re starting out.

Never Underestimate The Power of Non-Verbal Communication

Both Manji and Tay stressed the importance of first impressions, especially at networking events.

“I believe you should always be dressed appropriately for every event,” Manji said. “First impressions count.” She recommends using style as a conversation starter at events.

Keep your outfit event-appropriate, but don’t be afraid to wear a statement piece or eye-catching accessory. You never know who may appreciate your sense of style and start a conversation with you…

You Are As Good As Your Content

Google’s Badreddine Ramtani stressed the importance of creating the best possible content you can, during ‘How YouTube Can Make You A Video Star.’ 

“Content is king,” he said, during his talk at ITP Live’s Social Media Training Day.

You’re only as good as your content, so make sure you’re churning out high-quality posts, images and videos.

Haters Are Going To Hate – Ignore Them

Influencer-comedian Mohanad Al Hattab shares his wisdom on dealing with the haters: ignore them.

“When someone writes a [hate] comment they’re looking for a reaction from you,” Al Hattab said, during ‘In Conversation with a Comedy Content Creator.’

“When you block them or delete them, they know they got to you. But if you don’t do anything, they’ll be like ‘Did he see it? Did it [annoy] him? Since I’ve started, I’ve never deleted a bad comment. I’ve never blocked a hater. I’ve never, ever treated them in any sort of different way.”

Go Live

Beauty vlogger Eljammi Gozalli and YouTuber Emkwan both discussed their positive experiences going live, and how it’s helped to strengthen their bond with their respective communities.

“If you’re going to do it, do it at night,” Gozalli said, speaking on the ‘I Make Videos for A Living’ panel.

Emkwan agreed, mentioning he preferred to go live during dinner time. Both creators acknowledged evening hours were the best times for their respective following, as that’s when their subscribers tended to be online.

If you’re looking to go live with your audience, experiment with different times in order to figure out what works best for your viewers.

Confidence + Action + Commitment

“It’s about commitment,” Gozalli said. “You have to be very consistent, and you need to take action.”

She also notes that being confident is important, and that in order to be successful in starting a YouTube channel, creators need to have a mix of all three qualities in order to become a success.

Did you attend ITP Live’s Social Media Training Day? Let us know in the comments below…