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11 Most Instagrammable Coffee Shops in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Next time you need a caffeine fix, check out one of these cafes

11 Most Instagrammable Coffee Shops in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

The coffee culture is strong in the UAE.

No matter the time of day (or time of year), influencers and creators love catching up with their friends over a cup of joe – almost as much as they love snapping a quick pick of their coffee for the ‘gram’.

We’ve rounded up the 11 most Instagrammable coffee shops in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Next time you’re craving a tasty latte, need a caffine fix or are planning a friend date consider checking out one of these cafes.

1. Alchemy Dubai (@alchemydubai)

You may have heard about this coffee shop (and if you haven’t, get to know it. Trust me). This home-grown coffee shop sourced from ethical single farms won’t be the only thing luring you back in on the daily. The spot itself is perfect for getting that quality Instagram picture.

The all white setting, chic wooden furniture, geometric marble counters, and vibrant green plants (along with the great coffee of course) will immediately have you take out your phone for that pic. Located in a beautiful villa in Jumeirah, it is your home away from home.

Location: 37 39 B St. on Al Wasl Road, opposite to Dar Wasl Mall, Jumeriah Dubai
Hours: Sunday to Wednesday 8:30 am to 9 pm, Thursday and Friday 8:30 am to 10 pm

2. Café Rider Custom (@caferidercustoms)

This quirky coffee shop helps promote a unique twist on the café culture in the UAE. Based in Dubai, the name of this spot goes hand in hand with the setting and ambiance you will be sitting in. At Café Rider they want “coffee lovers to know that coffee doesn’t have to be just “black” or “with milk.” Instead, they affiliate creation with caffeine. 

An industrial vibe with wooden tables, leather couches, cars and motorcycles surrounding your beautiful existence as you sip on one of their specialty coffees (not to mention their exquisite latte art) will leave you itching for that Instagram picture.

Location: Warehouse 7, 14C Street, Umm Suqeim Exit Road, Al Quoz, Dubai
Hours: Sunday to Wednesday 8am to 8 pm, Thursday to Saturday 8am to 10pm

3. Emirati Coffee Dubai (@emiraticoffee)

Also known as being apart of the “Third wave of Emirati coffee culture,” aka small artisanal coffee shops flourishing in the Emirates. This spot is so unique, it is extremely Insta-worthy.

This industrial setting incorporates a shabby-chic ambiance including Persian carpets, leather couches, wooden chairs, curtain drapes, unique lighting, and more. This coffee shop is open in two locations in Dubai, offering specialty coffee. The menu is fairly simple (black, white, manual, cold, and roasted). This hidden gem keeps things simple yet holds on to an authentic charm luring you to come back.

Location: Al Quoz 3 and Dar Wasl Mall
Hours: Sunday to Wednesday 7am to 11 pm, Thursday 7am to 12am, Friday to Saturday 8am to 12am

4. Surge Coffee Roasters (

This coffee shop is a little different. It’s main focus is offering coffee consultation services as well as training sessions. However… they have their own coffee shop. Why is this exciting? Because you know you are getting quality, expert coffee.


Established in 2016, their main priority through this roastery is to make sure whomever is sipping on their coffee is getting a cup of quality with a dose of happiness. On top of that, this place is just super cool. Firstly, it is in a warehouse… I know, not your typical coffee shop placement, but definitely worth an Instagram pic. Not only is the ambiance industrial chic; the latte art and selection of café food are all insta-worthy. 

Location: Al Quoz Industrial 4, Warehouse 33
Hours: Saturday to Thursday 9am to 6pm

5. Tom & Serg (@ _tomandserg_) and The Sum of Us Café (@_thesumofus_)

This power duo Tom & Serg, turned an empty unit in Al Quoz into what’s now known as, the coolest café hotspot in Dubai. This place is industrial, breathable, refreshing, and cozy. BUT that was just their first business. They are now feeding off this and have created a “specialty coffee and food project” called ‘The Sum of Us.’

This place is full of innovation and creativity. You immediately are hit with a wave of nostalgia, from the roasted coffee beans to the smell of breakfast, it has a special charm. The ambiance consists of wooden chairs and tables, industrial lighting, gorgeous plants, and windows all around the café giving it a breathable aura. Just go ahead and look them up. 

The Sum of Us Café:
Location: Ground Floor, Burj Al Salam, 6th Street Trade Center – Dubai
Hours: Daily 8am to 11pm


Location: 15A Street, Al-joud Center, Al-Qouz, Sheikh Zayed Rd – Dubai
Hours: Daily 8am to 3:45pm

6. Blacksmith Coffee Company (@blacksmith_coffee)

“Committed to Craft, Rooted in Abu-Dhabi.” This specialty coffee roaster, consultancy, and café operator brings in the highest quality of coffees for all of you coffee lovers to enjoy. What makes this spot special? It doesn’t have a real menu. It incorporates several of our beloved suppliers such as The Raw Place, Gossip, and Nolu’s, making this place “diverse” with what they offer.

For all us coffee lovers, Blacksmith sells freshly roasted coffee beans at the café. Now moving on to the important stuff, is this place Insta-worthy? Yes. The setting incorporates a modern yet Nordic vibe. The energy in this place leaves you sipping your coffee in ease and style. You’ll want this on camera. 

Location: NYU Abu Dhabi D2 Bldg – Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Hwy – Abu Dhabi
Hours: Sunday to Thursday 7:15am to 10pm, Friday 9am to 8pm, Saturday 9am to 9pm

7. LOCAL (@_localuae_)

Welcome to LOCAL. The new kids on the block. Opened just recently, this place has already received a significant mass of hype. And here is why, let me break it down for you. This urban street café and barbershop (yes, I said barbershop) offers a modern design with an industrial twist giving you a Scandinavian style to sit, sip, and chill at.

The aesthetics in this place gives you a refreshing and authentic experience that goes hand in hand with their delectable coffee. For all you lads, there is an exclusive barbershop tucked away in the back, offering a unique grooming experience. It doesn’t stop there, it shortly will become a sneaker and streetwear store for men and women… so am I saying you can grab specialty coffee, get a haircut, and shop all in one place? Yup. But here’s the more important question, is this place insta-worthy? Absolutely. Besides the fetching latte art, and aesthetically appealing setting, the coffee cups and logo for this place instantly captivates you to take that IG photo. Check them out and thank me later.

Location: Al-Zeina Complex, Unit C-3, Abu Dhabi UAE
Hours: Daily 7am to 10pm

8. No.FiftySeven Boutique Café (@no57cafe)

While best known for “secret dining,” this café took after their “The Dinner Club by No.57.” Let me just start out by saying this spot is not only Instagram heaven, but also Pinterest heaven. It is the way to any foodie’s heart. 

This Boutique Café believes “a style of a space influences how people feel,” which makes sense given how tasteful and alluring their setting is. Presenting you with candles, wire baskets, terrariums, marble and wooden furniture, this spot won’t leave your Instagram disappointed. Between the yummy coffee, mouth-watering food, and ambiance of the spot, it is almost impossible to not sneak in one pic…it’s that cute. Luring in the hipsters, foodies, coffee lovers, and fashionistas wanting to sip in style, this place is for you.

Location: Al Marasy Apartments, Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi
Hours: Daily 9am to 11pm

9. The Art House Café (@arthousecafead)

This spot portrays exactly what it’s called: Art. It’s eccentric, it’s colorful and everything is made from reused and recycled goods. If you’ve been there then you know what I’m talking about, If you haven’t… well, then go. The Art House Café is aimed to inspire, motivate, and encourage their clientele to sit and sip in a place of tranquility and creativity.

From recycled textiles used for floor pillows, glass bottles revamped into plant holders, remodeled suitcases utilized for decoration, and big cylinders conformed into seating, this place is truly unique providing an environmental ethos. Offering great coffee and bites picked from the owner’s farm, will definitely leave you with an impression. Without question, yes, this place is most definitely insta-worthy. It’s an invitation to take out your phone and document the art you are surrounded by. IG Handle: Arthousecafead

Location: Etihad Modern Art Gallery, Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi
Hours: Saturday to Thursday 10:30am to 11:30pm, Friday 3pm to Midnight

10. Dose Café (@dosecafe_uae)

Ever been to a coffee shop where chemistry molecular formulas are written on polished floors? Well if not, then this is a must-visit (do it for the gram). This unique café offers an industrial vibe with chemical tube designs and luminous lighting throughout the shop.

The coffee is just as good as the ambiance, offering unique options such as Dose Pistachio Latte, Dose Cornflakes, Salted Caramel Latte, Japanese Hot Latte (their best-seller), and more. Their Instagram handle says it all. 

Location: Dalma Street opposite Applied Technology High School, Abu Dhabi
Hours: Daily 7am-11pm

11. Tania’s Teahouse (@taniasteahouse)

While it’s technically a “teahouse” Tania’s Teahouse was recently crowned “. . . the 7th most Instagrammable café in the world by Big 7 Travel,” according to Harper’s BAZAAR Arabia. 

If you’re after a girly high tea and love all things pink, be sure to check out this cafe for a quick bite and “cuppa.”

Location: 779A Jumeria Rd – Dubai

Hours: 8am-10pm (Sun-Thurs), 9am-10pm (Fri-Sat)

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Zain Yahya. Photo credits: Unsplash and Instagram.