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What You Need To Know About Instagram for Business

Everything from running ads on the platform to paid promotions

What You Need To Know About Instagram for Business

Did you know a third of the Stories uploaded to Instagram belong to business profiles?

Instagram was basically a social media platform, launched for IOS users in 2010. It was a fun app where users were meant to share their memories (in the form of pictures) with their friends (known as “followers.)

As Facebook took over its ownership, its traffic accelerated to 1 billion monthly users and Instagram was recognized as an excellent platform for business.

As a result, the Instagram business account was launched in May 2016. The feature is accessible for both IOS and android users worldwide, and is one of the best social media platforms for businesses. 

Anyone can set up an Instagram business account, and its functionalities are very similar to that of a Facebook business page.

Instagram is well optimized for mobile use, and it attracts many users to engage regularly, making it a great marketing platform for promoting business.

Currently, Instagram consists of 25 million business profiles and 2 million active advertisers. Roughly 200 million users visit business profiles daily. An existing Instagram personal account can be converted into a business account without any difficulties.

People will get to know about your brand through the use of Instagram ads and will develop an affiliation with your brand through them.

Setting up an Instagram business account is very simple and free of cost as the only requirements are your phone number and email id. It is important to maintain a credible Facebook page for starting an Instagram business page. So, make sure you possess an active Facebook page.

There is a list of ads you can execute with an Instagram business account. The dimensions and requirements for each ad are provided in the infographic created by TechWyse, an SEO agency in Toronto.

Interested in creating and running ads for your business? Have no idea where to star? TechWyse breaks it all down in their inforgraph here, which includes best video and photo formats (including specs) when running ad’s on the platform.

Instagram is an ideal social media platform for executing business and spread brand awareness quickly through engaging posts. With an active account, a properly executed campaign and a captivating post, you can be sure to hit your target audience on Instagram.

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Written By Rebecca Hill from TechWyse (@techwyse).