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Facebook Will Soon Be Launching Customer Support Cafes in the UK

It’s all due to one issue, affecting many users around the world

Facebook Will Soon Be Launching Customer Support Cafes in the UK

From Aug 28 and Sept 5 Facebook will be working extra hard to meet its users in person and sort out any queries they may have relating to their privacy.

The platform is bringing their online support services to life in five temporary, pop-up cafes.

During a visit to the cafe, you won’t only receive assistance with your privacy settings; a complementary beverage also awaits you.

Their aim is to help about 27% of Londoners unable to customize their privacy settings. This came to their attention through a Facebook commissioned survey.

Despite growing concerns about the use of our personal data online, users aren’t doing much to tighten their security.

According to Social Media Today “. . . it’s also part of a broader PR effort by Facebook to better ingratiate itself with users, and show that it wants to help, as opposed to selling your info to the highest ad bidder.”

Social Media Today seems convinced it’s more a PR stunt than an effort to help users.

Whether we’d like to admit it or not, Facebook is showing their human side through these cafes and more importantly their concern for our privacy.

We wonder if these cafes will be overflowing with people waiting for their lesson and a free cup of – what would most likely be coffee?

Whatever the outcome, Kudos to Facebook for developing another engaging concept.

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Written by Naa Pappoe. Photo credit: Shutterstock.