Could Facebook Developing New AI Dance Technology Be Their Way of Competing with TikTok?
The newly developed AI dance technology by Facebook aims to augment dance projects rather than replace choreographers altogether. Although, we couldn’t help but wonder if this was just another way for Facebook to take on TikTok?
How Facebook is Supporting Black-Owned Businesses
Over the year small businesses have suffered due to the COVID-19 pandemic and in addition to this small Black-owned business have also suffered because of racial inequalities. However, Facebook has taken initiative to help these businesses through this tumultuous time.
Facebook takes down President Donald Trump’s post on fake COVID-19 news?!
Facebook finally took down a video spreading faux COVID-19 news on children being unaffected by the virus, posted by President Trump.

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Instagram takes down Madonna’s posts for spreading Covid conspiracy theories
Throughout the pandemic, Madonna has been posting video 'diaries' about her life under lockdown and coronavirus. Some of them have triggering backlash for her 'insensitivity'.
Disney Cuts Back On Facebook and Instagram Ads
The advertising boycott is far from over
Why are companies boycotting Facebook?
Ben & Jerry's and apparel company The North Face are just some of the companies who are pulling out of Facebook advertising
Facebook commits $200 million
Facebook on Thursday announced it will commit $200 million to Black-owned businesses and organizations.
Instagram will roll out Ads on IGTV
Revenue will be split between Instagram and the Influencer
Facebook launches new app called 'CatchUp'
The new app is meant to facilitate group phone chats