Facebook Might Start Using Facial Detection Services
Facial Detection NOT Facial Recognition!
Facebook has done a HUGE rebrand
Goodbye Facebook, welcome FACEBOOK

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All Political Advertisements Will Be Banned From Twitter Starting... Now!
Now your funny tweets and political tweets won't have to interact on your timeline
Fake Story Views and "Misinformation" Are A Problem on Instagram
The platform is working hard to crack down on both in the near future
Facebook Working To Raises Wellbeing Awareness with New "Preventative Health" Feature
Not just your mom who will be nagging you for a check-up...
A Facebook News Tab Has Finally Arrived
Who says you can’t browse through vacation pics and read the news in one app?
Facebook Is Removing Verification for Business Pages
Plus other updates creators won't be happy to hear about...
Prevent Your Past From Affecting Your Career As An Influencer
How to efficiently delete old facebook posts and tweets...
Instagram To Add "False Information" Labels To Prevent The Spread Of Fake News
You can't believe everything you see on the internet and now Instagram will make sure you don't.