Why are companies boycotting Facebook?
Ben & Jerry's and apparel company The North Face are just some of the companies who are pulling out of Facebook advertising
Facebook commits $200 million
Facebook on Thursday announced it will commit $200 million to Black-owned businesses and organizations.

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Instagram will roll out Ads on IGTV
Revenue will be split between Instagram and the Influencer
Facebook launches new app called 'CatchUp'
The new app is meant to facilitate group phone chats
Facebook will allow most of its employees to work from home forever
This will continue even after 'Work from Home' orders are lifted
Facebook is buying Giphy
Facebook plans on integrating Giphy with Instagram and other apps in the future
Facebook has launched its brand new site
The new experience is faster and easier to use!
Millenials love Instagram but which platform do boomers prefer?
Barack Obama has been announced as the commencement speaker for YouTube's Virtual Graduation Ceremony
The virtual ceremony will not be held on the same weekend as Facebook's