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Facebook Has Introduced More Badges to Boost Engagement

The social networking platform has taken group members’ engagement to the next level

Facebook Has Introduced More Badges to Boost Engagement

As we all know, Facebook is big on engagement and they’re getting better at boosting it every day.

That said, we’ve got an interesting update and it has to do with badges.

Facebook has recently added more badges within the comment section of group posts. They are those little icons with a title and a short description beside member’s names.

Towards the end of last year, they introduced badges within the comments section of group posts. These badges are meant to help group members better identify other users they are interacting with.

At first, badges were designed to include admins, moderators, conversation starters, founding members and member’s group anniversary. 

Presently, they are hoping to influence users to discover other users by increasing their level of curiosity due to the badges.

Social Media Today had this to say “. . . if you see that someone is, say, a ‘visual storyteller’, maybe you’ll be inclined to check out their other posts in the group, while having your own ‘Rising Star’ badge might encourage you to be more active, adding a sense of belonging to that community.”

More recently on page interactions, badges such as Milestone follower and Anniversary follower, have been introduced. This makes it possible to identify users in the group post comment stream.

(Photo credits: Social Media Today)

The new badges will also allow admins to know their fans better and determine who they must appreciate or reward.

Overall it’s a great way to follow activities and encourages continuous engagement with fans.

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Photo credit: Shutterstock. Written by Naa Pappoe.