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Snapchat Introduces A Deepfake Tool To Its Users

Introducing Cameos

Snapchat Introduces A Deepfake Tool To Its Users

Snapchat is getting a new feature we know Gen-Zers will love

The Story-sharing platform has started rolling out a new feature called Cameos to a limited number of users.

As reported by TechCrunch, the new feature was made available to users in France, ahead of the holiday period.

Cameos mode lets you replace your face with people in existing videos, which you can go on to post on other social media networks as video or GIF.

The feature is described as a simplified way to deepfake you into GIFs, building upon the existing Bitmoji feature, sounds fun and is a quirky to strike up new conversations or responding to your friends.

According to USA Today “…Cameos uses your selfie to plaster your face on a digitized body. The feature has a similar look and application to Bitmoji, except more realistic.”

You can access cameos through the Bitmoji button in the Snapchat messaging keyboard.

To use Snapchat Cameos, you’ll first take a selfie – basis of your character in the video. Then, you can pick from one of the 150 looping video clips that Snapchat has created.

These clips vary from you flaunting your cash, dancing like crazy, falling asleep and tons more. Snapchat will then stretch and move your selfie to create different facial reactions that Cameos can apply to actors’ heads in the videos as per TechCrunch.

Get ready to bring your A-Game on… because Snapchat is preparing to give you 150 options to choose from.

You could be digging money from the ground or eating you favourite food all day without actually doing it IRL for all you know. You know what they say “fake it till you make it.”

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