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Find Out How Social Media Influencers Impact Purchase Decisions

Did you know 86% marketers used influencer marketing since last year?

Find Out How Social Media Influencers Impact Purchase Decisions

Are you surprised to hear that social media influencers can impact the purchasing decisions of consumers. It seems as though there’s an influencer for every type of product and every business is trying to add influencers to make their brand stand out.

Understanding the process of how influencers can impact purchasing decisions can be quite interesting… Do let us know your take on Influencers Marketing impacting consumer behaviour in the comments below.

Influencers can be considered as a third party between a brand and consumer because they are able to create a relationship and liaise sales. Influencers can help you build brand awareness, establish consumer trust and provide an unbiased view of your products.

According to  “…These influencers are trusted by millions of consumers, and marketers are paying attention. It turns out 86% of them used influencer marketing since last year, and budgets for influencer marketing are skyrocketing.”

Whether it’s endorsing a skincare product, teeth whitening tools, a new model SUV or even gummy bears for your hair, there’s an influencer for every product, more businesses are joining the influencer marketing bandwagon as a means to improve their marketing and outreach strategies.

Wondering how do influencers actually influence consumer behavior?

Here are three specific ways that play a role-

1. Build Brand Awareness

Influencers ensure they create brand awareness in order to inform consumers what the particular brand has to offer in terms of their services or products.

This can be as simple as a caption on Instagram, or a YouTube video tutorial which assists consumers which are all making it easy for consumers to understand what your brand has to offer. Several influencers have the capability to weave a brand message through incorporating their style and tone making a brand’s promotional message authentic and honest.

2. Strengthen Customer Relationships

According reports on Social Media Today, “…a whopping 77% of consumers have had relationships with brands for a decade or more. Moreover, 61% of loyal customers would make an extra effort to shop from their favorite brands.The data underline the importance of strengthening customer relationships.

Consumers are likely to trust peer recommendations while purchasing any good or trying out a service, this is where influencers can play a role via reviewing a product or service for their viewers to further purchase.

3. Improve Buying Decision with Unbiased Opinions

Influencers are great storytellers because this is what they do for a living- create content, they have the talent to seamlessly communicating information to their audience. Influencers talk about the product/s in detail – how to use them, if they’re worth spending money on, tips on how to use products differently, what consumers should expect and even hacks related to products.

These opinions ensure sales and convince consumers to use products like influencers.

Be sure to keep in mind these three steps and you will surely be able to have an exciting influencer marketing strategy.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

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