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TikTok is Taking A Page Out of Snapchat’s Playbook

Get ready for… TikTok Originals?

TikTok is Taking A Page Out of Snapchat’s Playbook

Put on your seatbelts TikTokers… Your main “For You” stream on TikTok is less likely to flood up with professional creators and influencers.

The new feature reminds us of Snapchat’s Discover; Snapchat has seen a big boost in viewership in its Discover feed which might have inspired TikTok to take a step in this direction.

The platform reportedly working on a curated feed to display content selected by the app’s moderators, the move is intended to to lure in more high-paying advertisement on the platform.

According to Financial Times, “. . . TikTok is looking at adding in a new highlights stream, which would display selected, original videos from popular TikTok creators, alongside content from professional publishers. The added curation would give TikTok’s moderators more control over the viewing experience, ensuring that advertisers don’t end up having their ads wedged in” 

In some ways, the proposal of a separate, curated feed does go against a key lure for TikTok users, the app doesn’t focus on profile popularity in order to boost content viewership. There is uncertainty how they will moderate and separate the content, and they might just focus on the quality of the video uploaded.

According to Social Media Today, “. . . TikTok hasn’t provided any insight into how its distribution algorithm works, but the theory is that TikTok is more reliant on the quality of each individual video upload, as opposed to weighting reach based on the uploading user, opens up more opportunity for all users to see widespread distribution”

At the end of the day this move would allow TikTok to charge higher advertising rates to premium brands. TikTok is certainly trying to make the most of their growth via constantly imrpoving and monetizing the platform.

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