TikTok Update

Adding Website Links To TikTok Accounts: It Might Be Happening Sooner Than You Think
The short-form video platform is apparently testing a new feature which could boost your web traffic
How To Become TikTok Famous: Unveiling The Secrets
Here's what you need to know if you want to go viral on TikTok
New York Fashion Week Welcomes TikTokers To The Front Row
Fashion TikTokers will soon be taking the platform by storm

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You Can Now Upload TikTok Videos From The Comforts of... Your Desktop!
Life just got a whole lot easier for all you social media managers out there
TikTok Reworks Their Feeds Layout
Apparently, this is just a test...
TikTok is Taking A Page Out of Snapchat’s Playbook
Great News For TikTokers As The Platform Launches A New 'Music Tab'
When launched the feature will let users share songs from artist’s profiles.
Here Are The Top 10 TikTok Content Creators of 2019
Some of these names look a little familiar... surprised?