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Twitter Explore Page Is Getting A Major Modification

Here is how Twitter aims to increase engagement

Twitter Explore Page Is Getting A Major Modification

If you use Twitter’s Explore tab, get ready for major changes that we are sure you will enjoy as a part of a revamp.

Twitter product designer Martin Craster asking for feedback on how they can improve Explore in line with audience need from users on the platform.

Twitter is launching its big redesign with simpler navigating options and additional features to its explore page.

The explore page is getting a major revamp as the platform aims to achieve more engagement, the explore button is a magnifying glass icon – this connects you to a list of trending topics in your region. The feature comes with a swipe able list along with the various categories already existing on the platform.   

Focus on Explore aligns with Twitter’s broader shift towards increased relevance for content listings, with topics now becoming a much bigger element within its growth plans.

Improving its topic listings and showing relevant content to users, can surely help with an improvement in the engagement. Twitter has been improving active engagement levels within the app consistently over the past two years.

Traditionally Twitter adapting to a different take on improving and was at a slower pace as compared to other competitive platforms, which lead to a decreased market perception and slowly led to a lower ad spent due to its engagement performance.

However, Twitters mDAU (monetizable daily active user count) has increased steadily through which the functionality of the platform has been refined in order to develop new updates and feature on the platform like the explore feed.

Twitter can continue to improve its in-app engagement performance to its position as an ad platform and Explore could play a significant part in that.

There are so many ways that Explore could be improved in the future, Its going to be interesting to see what comes of this new focus… maybe a focus on evolving news stories? Improved search? Let’s wait and find out.

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