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Family Climbs Kilimanjaro with Life Happens Outdoors

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Family Climbs Kilimanjaro with Life Happens Outdoors

Ever wanted to have an adventure outdoors but the lack of expertise stopped you? Well look no further, Life Happens Outdoors (@lifehappensoutdoors) guarantees that outdoor adventures will be accessible to first-time explorers too.

Join the community for a screening of “The Family & Kilimanjaro,” an original docu-film of a family climbing the highest peak of an African mountain, on the 9th of February 2020 and Adventure HQ, Times Square Mall, Dubai from 7:30-8:30 pm.

Life Happens Outdoors is an independent adventure travel community built on the single most promising idea of making outdoor adventures accessible to all – ranging from first time explorers to solo travellers.

Founded in 2017 by Ramy Rasamny (@ramirasamny) and Ghida Arnaout (@monkyseemonkydo), Life Happens Outdoors helped them find transformation within their own lives through nature and the great outdoors as they struggled to find a community that enables, encourages and supports first timers.

Ever since 2017, LHO has led over 250 adventures for first timers which vary from trekking in Bhutan, mountaineering in the Alps and even kitesurfing in Zanzibar.

Life Happens Outdoors began as a part time passion project which morphed into a vibrant community with a retention rate of over 60% for 3 consecutive years. LHO has had exponential growth year by year and has continued offering experiences and adventures across three hemispheres.

Rami Rasamny and Ghida Arnaout attribute the extraordinary speed at which LHO has been able to grow to their passion and ethos, which focuses on the human experience in humanity’s most natural environment.

LHO focuses on ordinary people finding something extraordinary and transformative for themselves and it is about people sharing their experiences as a part of an inclusive and supportive community.

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