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Snapchat Wants To Support Your Well-Being

Here’s how the platform is working to improve its users’ mental health

Snapchat Wants To Support Your Well-Being

The newest feature on Snapchat’s search tool will be called “Here For You”, this feature will surface “Safety resources” from mental health experts when Snapchat users search for sensitive topics – anxiety, depression, suicide and bullying – Snapchat announced on the 11th of February.

If a user searched for “thinspo” – content that many skew to be pro-anorexia – the search results would “intervene” with content by experts, Fast Company reports.

Snapchat did not elaborate on how often these types of searches happen on the application, the platform has one of the youngest audiences of any social media platform.

For Snapchat reaches 90% of 13 to 24 year olds, a group that may be most vulnerable to bullying – cyber or in real life – or suggestive content.

“Snapchat was built with privacy at its core — starting with ephemerality — and designed to let people be themselves, without the pressure of being judged by others,” according to Snapchat’s blog post.

Snap is not the first social media platform to put out resources towards mental health and anti-bullying initiatives, Axios points out.

Last year, Instagram rolled out a “Restrict” mode which allows users to block abusive or harassing comments to avoid others from seeing them. 

“Here for You” is coming to a Snapchat search tool near you in the next coming weeks, the exact date has not been announced yet.

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