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YouTube Launches a New VR Experience Entitled “Project Witness”

The video-sharing platform uses VR as a tool to raise awareness in their project

YouTube Launches a New VR Experience Entitled “Project Witness”

“Project Witness” is a new Virtual Reality experience launched by YouTube this week. This project revolves around the purpose of raising awareness about the conditions incarcerated children face and the impacts that these conditions have on their lives.

“The VR film anchors the viewer in the experience of an incarcerated child,” YouTube explains. “You’re able to see and hear the experience of being in solitary confinement from the viewpoint of a child in an adult prison. YouTube is a powerful platform for so much more than entertainment – from advocacy to education and awareness – that is open and accessible by everyone. VR is a unique format to pull the viewer into the story.”

This film is challenging and distressing to experience, however, it is a necessary film as it makes a strong point. When one considers the youth that are incarcerated are 39% less likely to finish high school, and over two-thirds of jailed children re-offend within 12 months of release. Thus showing the impacts of the system on the youth.

This is an intriguing experience as it shows how VR can be used as a storytelling platform in order to display another perspective. Until this day, books and movies have been humanity’s best window into the mind of another human; however, VR will be taking that to an entirely different level.

VR could become more and more important within the story telling world as it has the capacity to bring in more perspective on a range of issues. Read more about YouTube’s “Project Witness” and watch the video, here.

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