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Snapchat Has Rolled Out Some Crazy AR Effects

Here’s how you can transform your entire environment within your Snap Stories

Snapchat Has Rolled Out Some Crazy AR Effects

New “Ground Transformation” AR effect has been launched on Snapchat! Users can now change the ground on their Snap camera view into water, lava or other variations.

“The real-time ground segmentation system uses machine learning models to understand geometry and semantics, isolating obviously ground-based objects from contrasting backgrounds,” Venture beat explained the new option that utilizes Snapchat’s evolving Augmented Reality tools used in order to create this visual effect.

Snapchat has introduced filters similar to this one as it had sky segmentation in the past which isolated specific elements in user’s field of view through the use of advanced visual understanding, according to Social Media Today.

While the practical applications of this new effect is fairly limited, it has demonstrated Snapchat’s advancing capacity in this field of respect. In which Snapchat is also extending to advertising through the use of logo identification.

Snapchat’s AR creativity for branding is getting more complex, and here’s an example:


Recently Snapchat has partnered with Tate Britain, The National Gallery and The Bank of England in order to celebrate the launch of Britain’s new polymer £20 notes.


While the ability to change the floor beneath you may not be a big deal to some users, it shows the broader abilities of Snapchat’s technology.

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