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Looking For Your Daily Dose of Wellness? Check Out These 11 Content Creators

From fitness inspiration to feel-good content, scroll through these feeds for a bit of positivity

Looking For Your Daily Dose of Wellness? Check Out These 11 Content Creators

It’s nearly impossible to move about your day without someone mentioning the current public health crisis, which has affected almost everyone’s day-to-day life in the UAE and other parts of the region.

If you already have developed feelings of despair or confusion (or gym and workout withdrawals), it’s even more important to be aware of the content that you’re consuming via social media.

To tackle this we have rounded up a list of 11 content creators whose feeds aim to spread daily doses of positivity, health, wellness and fitness inspo, which are all much needed in this time of social distancing.

Check them out below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Ghida Arnaout (@monkyseemonkydo)

A UAE based content creator focusing on travel and adventure, Ghida is also a passionate mental health advocate and is known for her posts which shed light on combatting feelings of anxiety through physical activity and self-reflection.

Sheikha Noora Al Khalifa (@sh.n.alkhalifa)

Look no further for inspirational posts covering gender equality, wellness and mental health. Sheikha Noura is a passionate supporter of women’s rights and equality for all. Her videos are both educational and uplifting!

Peter Barron (@peterbarron)

Peter’s feed is bursting with epic fitness content and workout moves for those who are on the look-out for an updated HIIT routine which can be done in almost any space and most moves require no equipment.

From burpees to jump squats, Peter is here to help you get your sweat on!

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HOME CORE WORKOUT SAVE | SHARE | TAG your workout partner I will be posting more at home workouts that you can do over the next few weeks. Here is a core workout to get you started 1️⃣Beginners – hold side plank without leg lift. 20 – 30sec per exercises Rest 30 seconds between exercises Repeat 2 – 3 rounds 2️⃣Advanced – 45sec per exercise Rest 1min after each round Repeat 3 – 4 rounds . @officialrevoguestudio Helping to get out more quality content . @nativeclubthegreens . #keepmoving #trainathome #abworkout #abs #core #coreworkout #summerbody #dubaifitfam #workoutmotivation #dubaifitness #challengeworkout #dubaifitnesschallenge #lowerabs #fitness #abs #sweat #homeworkout #workoutanywhere #absathome #fitcouple #igworkout #bodyweighttraining #fitnessindxb #mydubai #partnerworkout #homeworkout #workoutanywhere #bodyweightworkout #travelworkout

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Sara Shakeel (@sarashakeel)

Sara has gained international fame for her iconic, award-winning crystal art which has taken Instagram by storm! Sara’s current Instagram stories and posts reflect the beauty of her artwork while spreading moving messages of hope and resilience through these times.

Mona Kattan (@monakattan)

Pretty much Instagram royalty, Mona Kattan is known for her consistent posts which promote kindness, empathy and positivity. Mona’s feed is bright and beautiful and delivers all the soul-food we need during our couch quarantine.

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I used to hate giving people negative feedback because I was so worried about hurting their feelings. I would always think to myself, I’d rather bare with feeling a little uncomfortable or unhappy rather than make someone feel bad about themselves or I would justify it in my head to just talk myself out of it & tell myself not make a big deal out of “small things”.. but after a lot of life experiences and a LOT of reflection I’ve realized that staying silent has very often been the main reason I’ve ever wanted to distance myself from people or even completely end relationships. All those small things turn into a huge mountain! I had my reasons for thinking that way which I finally realized after working with a hypnotherapist (I will definitely fill you guys in on that later one day) but after finally realizing, keeping my feelings to myself only made me feel farther away from the people I cared about and it did absolutely the opposite of what I intended to do in the first place which was to protect their feelings. I’ve realized now it’s SO important to express yourself & let people know how you feel if you want to keep them close to you. Find the right way to communicate it and the right time, the people who truly care would want to know Don’t stay silent with the ones you love

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Noelle El Saadany (@changewithnoelle)

A perfectly curated feed that includes both encouraging content and realistic advice, Noelle El Saadany is passionate about driving change through self-care and self-reflection. Her posts deliver quick and applicable tips which almost everyone can incorporate into their daily lives to bring about positive change.

Natasha Al Mufleh (@eatrightrun)

Home workouts and healthy eating need not be affected during out self-isolation. Natasha’s workout videos are fun and easy to follow and she will definitely inspire you to Instashop an order of fresh fruits and veges instead of opting for snacks.

Adam Fulat (

For all the guys who want to feel like they aren’t missing out on the heavy weight workouts, Adam’s guides are comprehensive and informative so you can ensure that you aren’t losing out on your muscle mass while not hitting the barbells every evening.

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What's the secret to achieving your physique goals? The hard truth…. There is no quick fix! To grow you need to eat more, eat more of the right foods and make sure that you don’t overdo it. The same goes for fat loss. You either need to eat less, change the quality of your food, alter the macronutrient composition (carbs, proteins, fats) of the foods you eat, along with making sure you don’t put yourself in an excessive calorie deficit for too long. Eat too much – you get fat. Eat too little ­- you mess up your metabolism and live a miserable existence. – I’m not a big fan of sensible food shops. I’m not a big fan of cooking either. I have @beast_mode_nutrition_dxb handle the bulk of my meals during weekdays which is honestly a huge relief! I don't have to panic about my next meal or binging on a greasy midnight takeaway. On weekends, I prep my meals a day in advance and do it the night before, usually taking me around 15­-20 minutes. I'm not exactly chef Ramsay in the kitchen but I know how to string together a decent meal. If you are serious about achieving your goals you have to place just as much importance on your nutrition as you do with your training. #NoExcuses Get it done! – #StrongAsFulat #EasyMealPrep #StayOnTrack #Beastmodenutritiondubai

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Abeer MK (@abeermk)

Abeer has been leading the way for women in sports in the region for quite some time and it seems as if she has no plans to slow down! Abeer’s posts encourage her audience to live active, healthy lives and put themselves first regardless of the pandemonium that’s currently ensuing.

H.H. Sayyida Basma Al Said (@basmaalsaidofficial)

For those who seek updates and information on what to do to minimize anxiety and confusion H.H. Basma al Said’s Instagram content aim to educate on the dos and don’ts for keeping safe, informed and fearless.

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“Here’s to strong women: May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.” – …. …. International Women’s Day began in the early 1900s and is a “a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating women’s equality,” according to the official IWD …. …. International Women’s Day began in the early 1900s and is a “a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating women’s equality,” according to the official IWD website. To help you spread the word and capture the spirit of IWD on March 8th, read—and share (using their hashtags, #IWD2020 and #EachforEqual

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Noor Al Huda (@nooralhudaofficial)

Noor is a communications expert who’s used to hosting educational seminars and workshops on a variety of topics covering lifestyle, career and health. Noor’s posts have recently revolved around maintaining a balanced and productive life even if you are currently forced to work from home.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo credit: Ghida Arnaout and Instagram.