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How GCC Influencers Are Spending Their Time In Self-Isolation

From chilling with the fam to catching up on Netflix, they’re all making the most of their downtime

How GCC Influencers Are Spending Their Time In Self-Isolation

Due to the recent public health concerns, authorities around the world are recommending that the general population practice “social distancing” in order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Sound tedious? Perhaps.

A number of content creators, however, have decided to make the most of their downtime. Whether it’s catching up on emails and working from home or spending time with family memebers, here’s how your favorite GCC influencers are combating boredom while in self-isolation.

Omar Borkan (@omarborkan) is showing off his handwashing skills…

…while Nina Ali (@nina.ali) is spending some quality time with the little ones on the couch.

Aida Fara (@makeupbyaida) is serving-up some incredibly chic makeup looks…

… while Dana Al Tuwarish (@daneeda_t) is avoids spreading germs to other household members. 

It’s business as usual for Peter Barron (@peterbarron), as he shares a few at home workout routines…

… while Rosemin Manji (@roseminsworld) catches up on her favourite novels.

Talal alRashed (@talal.alrashed) is practicing a whole new way of self-isolation…

While DJ Bliss (@djblissdubai) is working on his TikTok game.

But Ghida Arnaout (@monkyseemonkydo) is sharing some of the most valuable insight yet…

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We’ve been leading extremely crazy lives. Hustling fast lives where we don’t even know which day or which year we’re in anymore. No time to eat, to time to make for friends, no time to exercise, no time to do anything that matters. Because we’re so scared that life would pass us by without us being able to achieve the next big thing or buy that latest trend that we don’t even need. Cities are full of people living in huge towers and no one even knowing who their neighbor is. Who has time for that? Fast consumerism and instant gratification at its best. Pollution all over. In the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink. Anxious and depressed people on the rise because this life is just not easy to sustain. It took a virus, something we can’t even see, to slow the whole world down. I would like to say it also made us remember our humanity again but then I remember that people are fighting over toilet paper ( and this is where I think Darwin’s natural selection theory has been disproved). The question that remains. When all this is over, is the world going to go back to what it was? Or are we going to learn our lesson? Song: The Head and The Heart-Let’s be Still

A post shared by Ghida Arnaout غيدا أرناؤوط (@monkyseemonkydo) on Mar 17, 2020 at 1:07am PDT

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