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Tips and Tricks on maintaining connections through IG Live

Instagram is giving its users a list of tips to maintain a connection throughout the COVID-19 Lockdown

Tips and Tricks on maintaining connections through IG Live

This self-isolation and social distancing requirements which have now become mandatory for most of society may be difficult for most people to abide by as it is within our nature as humans to seek long term connections with others.

However, just because this prolonged isolation has us staying within the four walls of our own homes, it does not mean that we cannot adapt our socialization skills and ability to stay connected to the outside world. 

This is a crucial time for brands and marketers who are looking to keep their business going despite the crisis. As a result, they must find new ways to engage with their audiences and provide assistance whenever and wherever possible for those in need.

One option brands and people can consider is social media live-streaming, and of course it is worth noting that “no social video option can replace IRL connection” according to Social Media Today. This kind of immediate and interactive option given from live video is the closest thing human beings at this moment have to holding and maintaining virtual face-to-face discussions.

With help from Matt Navarra‘s listing on Social Media Today, here is a list of things to do before, during and after your live stream on Instagram Live:

Let’s start with before starting your stream:

  • Give your followers, friends and fans an advance notice through the use of the countdown sticker that you can place on your story
    • It helps if you go live at the same time every week or specific times during the day so people know when to tune in
  • Ensure that your device has a strong connection in order to ensure a high quality stream

Now during your Live Stream:

  • You can go live with a friend or a fan
    • This gives you another way to grow as it not only brings your followers to the streams but whoever you are collaborating with
  • Live Q&A
    • This way you can either collect questions from the “Ask me a Question” sticker that you would post on your story prior to the live 
    • Or just have your viewers ask you the question in the comments section thus making it a Live Q&A
  • Turn on comment moderation to ensure your viewers and yourself have a postive experience on your stream 
  • If working on iOS, try the Media Sharing option to share any video or images on screen during real time
    • To do this just press on the button thats on the bottom right of your screen and viola! You’re sharing pictures and videos live to your audience

After your Live Stream is done and over there is one very important step to take:

  • Save your Live story and post it onto your original Instagram story
    • Better yet create a highlights stories button on your profile and place your live streams over there so your friends, fans and consumers can access the live stream whenever they want with just a press of a button!

If you’re at a loss for ideas Matt Navarra has got you covered as he has provided a list of ideas to help users and brands get themselves started on Instagram Live:

  • Host a Q&A every week
  • Share how you’re feeling and coping through the self-isolation
    • Share any tips with your audience
    • This is a useful way to create a human connection with viewers
  • Talk about or give a sneak peak to a future project
  • Post a process styled video
    • How a product gets made
    • What goes into your craft or hobby
    • “Get ready with me in the morning”
    • Cooking
    • Working out
    • Outfit try-ons
    • Closet or apartment clean-outs – a declutter video
  • Tour of your home or hotel room
  • Use Live With to check in with your friends or team !

And there you have it folks, tips and tricks to use Instagram’s Live stream to create connections for yourself or your brand. Don’t forget these are trying times and everyone is looking for a way to connect and entertain themselves amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, make your life and someone else’s life easier by providing a helping hand!

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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