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New Digital Literary Resources and Tips for Workers Released by Facebook

Kids, parents and remote workers can get access to resources and tips via Facebook!

New Digital Literary Resources and Tips for Workers Released by Facebook

Students and children have been spending significant time on the internet as a result of school closures and the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Consequently, this has increased the risk of them stumbling into the “dark carners of the web”, according to Social Media Today. Now, in addition to students learning from home, parents are also working from home which makes it harder for them to supervise what their children are doing. 

Facebook has decided to step up as a social media platform and help with these issues by launching a new education resource for kids, parents and educators this week. This education resource is aiming to “provide lessons and resources to help young people develop the competencies and skills they need to more safely navigate the internet”, according to Social Media Today

This new resource and initiative released by Facebook is called “Get Digital“, it includes several areas dedicated to education and each area features a video overview and it links to a range of tools and resources in order to help improve digital literacy, according to Social Media Today.

Now according to Facebook, this program aims to show participants how to:

  • Protect their personal information and stay safe online on the Internet
  • Navigate through content and information whilst evaluating the trustworthniess of the sources
  • Build up and create positive and inclusive communities online through kindness and respect of others
  • Be in charge and manage their health through learning the ability to monitor their emotions and develop healthy habits for when they should use technology

Now as for Facebook’s education resources, they come from a variety of sources deemed to be experts such as UNESCO, the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), National PTA, Harvard University and the Greater Good Science Center. The courses and lessions available are not only aimed at students, they are also aimed at educators and parents – so in order to check out the set of tools available click here, according to Social Media Today.

Not only has Facebook set up a mini-website for educational purposes, it has also published a set of tips compiled internally on how people can maximize work capacity and performance when companies are dealing with remote teams, according to Social Media Today.

These tips, provided by Facebook, will be aiming to help improve the connection of team members within a distributed workforce. It will include notes on conducting effective meetings, how to manage the workload around workers caring for their children, how to facilitate active engagement and more, according to Social Media Today.

Users looking for ways to ensure the fact that they are doing all that is humanly possible can access Facebook’s tips listening here.

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