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Three TikTok Challenges to try if you’re already bored at home

Live your best quarantine life!

Three TikTok Challenges to try if you're already bored at home

It seems with easy passing day another TikTok challenge takes over. Even if you try to avoid the app itself, the challenges and videos somehow always make their way to other social media platforms. At this point, they’re unavoidable! 

From last week’s Dalgona coffee challenge to Drake’s #ToosieSlide, we can barely keep up with the never-ending dance challenges and funny battles which seem to expertly keep ‘quarantine-rs’ occupied amid global lockdowns. 

We challenge you to beat the Corona blues by taking part in some of our favorites below..

#DontRush Challenge

Young T and Bugsey’s “Don’t Rush” single serves as the soundtrack. 

A group of friends recording themselves in robes, tied up hair, and fresh out of bed ‘fits. After waving a makeup brush into the camera, one by one, they quickly transform into a “going out” version of themselves — all alone from the comfort of their own homes of course.

After going through a full transformation, each creator takes turns to create an illusion of dropping an item of their choice (which could be a makeup brush or a set product, depending on the theme of the video) to the next person. 

The Flip The Switch Challenge

This challenge features family members, friends, and couples swapping uniforms, outfits and beauty looks at the exact moment Quavo and Drake insist that they “flip the switch.”

Something New Challenge

This challenge is great for groups of three or more. Each person does their own dance to “Something New” by Wiz Khalifa, featuring Ty Dolla $ign, before shimmying out of the frame to make room for the next person.