03.04 2020 18:54h

#ToosieSlide Takeover

Another viral dance challenge! This time launched by Drake...
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via Youtube

Champagne Papi himself just dropped the music video for ‘Toosie Slide,’ which gives fans a look inside his mega-mansion in Toronto. 

Celebrities, they're just like us!

We see Drake sliding all over his house, across decadent marble flooring while adhering to the social distancing regulations. (He's the person in the video)

“It go right foot up / left foot, slide / Left foot up / right foot, slide.” With this handful of words, Drake launched his takeover of TikTok, Twitter & Instagram, dropping a viral earworm that inspired #toosieslidechallenge.

It's the social media dream!

Now in less than 24 hours, the #toosieslidechallenge has officially taken over social media and fans have been busy at work perfecting their moves...

We'd like to take this moment to publicly thank Drake for giving us something to do while in quarantine!