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Instagram ‘Thank You’ Hour Launches Today at 7pm UAE Time

A new sticker and shared story that you can use to show gratitude to whatever is helping you through this time…

Instagram 'Thank You' Hour Launches Today at 7pm UAE Time

Instagram ‘Thank You’ hour launches tonight at 7pm UAE Time. 

Amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic, people around the world have stepped up to help family, friends and their communities in various ways. However, the social distancing and lockdown regulations also enforced have also made it extremely difficult to geninely express our sense of gratitude to those who work tirelessly to ensure that safety of others.

With the ‘Thank You’ hour, users are able to benefit from a new sticker and shared story that will be made available. 

Here are a few quick notes accordingy to a press release sent by Instagram earlier this week,

– The ‘Thank You’ Hour sticker can be added to any Instagram story from your sticker tray- it should be the second sticker in the tray, right after Stay Home.

-This week, starting at 7pm local time, there will be a Thank You Hour shared story pinned to the top of your stories tray, where you can see all the people you follow using the sticker

From the supermarket workers and security guards to the health carre workers and family, we hope you take the time to express what you are grateful for tin these times.

Excited to take part?

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