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The #NutmegChallenge on TikTok has gone viral and it is dangerous

The social media platform has been actively removing content featuring the #NutmegChallenge

The #NutmegChallenge on TikTok has gone viral and it is dangerous

Social Media Challenges have taken off faster than anything else as the most of the world spends time indoors and online amid the global COVID-19 lockdowns.

Challenges are usually fun and provide social media users with a way to connect with and share content with audiences globally through short form videos.

The #NutmegChallenge however has recently resurfaced on TikTok and its consequences can be very dangerous. 

For the nutmeg challenge, TikTok users drink a mix of two to four tablespoons of nutmeg with milk or water and film their reactions, as large amounts of the spice can lead to intoxication.


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According to the American Association for Clinincal Chemistry (AACC), it takes five to 20 grams, or one to four teaspoons, of ground nutmeg to become intoxicated.

Symptoms, which are dose-related, the AACC says, include dry mouth, agitation, hypothermia, hallucinations, among others — and in some cases, coma and death have been associate with nutmeg overconsumtion.

A TikTok representative told Business Insider that the social media platform is actively trying to remove content featuring the challenge as the health risks associated are extremely dangerous and potentially fatal.

As of Wednesday 22nd April, the #NutmegChallenge has over 46 million views on the platform.