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6 YouTubers to check out if you want to take a break from Netflix

They are all at the top of their YouTube games respectively!

6 YouTubers to check out if you want to take a break from Netflix

Don’t know what to do during a lockdown? Tired of Netflix or Amazon? Want to explore something that will give you something to do at the end of it?

You have come to the right place! 

We have curated a list of YouTubers worth binge watching below!

There’s a channel for almost every interest

Rosanna Pasino

For all those who have taken up cooking this lockdown!

Rosanna whips up some easy to make and delicious recipes for her 12.1 Million subscribers. Rosanna keeps her channel up to date with videos including tutorials on how to cook a dish to challenges with other YouTubers.


For gaming content, Ahmed AlNasheet is the man for you! He is one of the most popular gamers in the region. His channel includes videos of him playing fortnite to FIFA with big names such as KSI. Not only will you see gaming vlogs, he adds in some super entertaining videos of his daily life and voice-acting as well.

Mr. Kate

When I think of interior design the first name that comes to my mind is MR KATE! The channel is one of the most dominant in interior design and they have designed for The Ace Family, Jeffery Star and many more mega YouTube stars. You can also take some inspiration for DIY home decor from their makeover videos.

Marie Kondo

Now if you are a minimalist, this is the perfect time to clean up. Marie Kondo is the guru of organization for sure. Marie’s videos include how to declutter, how to fold clothes and save wardrobe space. With the extra time on hand there is so much cleaning up to do and her tips will surely help those who want to lighten up their load!

School of Affluence

School of affluence is run by Anna Bey. For your quarantine #ootd, this channel is for all the fashionistas tired of wearing pjs everyday! School of affluence will give you tips on how to stay stylish yet comfortable at home. She also gives great hair and skincare advice too!


If you are missing your friends, this group of YouTubers will make you feel like you’re one of their squad. They ammassed 150,000+ subscribers in less than a month… The group of 11 friends decided to create a channel to showcase their antics and invite everyone else in on the fun! You can get to know each one of them through their videos and get all those warm and fuzzy friendships feels even if you can’t see your crew right now IRL.

Every content creator is constantly trying to make some great, entertaining content to help their viewers stay busy and also provide entertainment for those who are stuck at home. 

Let us know which one is your fave in the comments below!