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Ahmed Misaid swims with sharks in Saudi Arabia

Who is this Egyptian traveler globe trotting the world?

Ahmed Misaid

Ahmed Misaid, an Egyptian travel influencer and photographer has visited over 100 countries around the world. He is known for his mesmerizing photography and inspiring stories about his adventures.

Born and raised in Egypt, Ahmed studied engineering at the University of Cairo yet had an urge to travel. In 2012, he decided to quit his job, and begin to travel full-time but also travel with a purpose.

Having visited numerous countries, this influencer has hiked through the mountains of Nepal, swam with sharks in the Great Barrier Reef and Saudi Arabia, and wandered through the ancient ruins of one of the seven wonders of the world, Machu Picchu. Misaid documents his travel stories and pictures on his social media and has over 40k followers on Instagram.

For those who dream of traveling, Ahmed Misaid is an inspiration to all who are interested in packing up and jumping on a plane. He is also an advocate for sustainable travel and believes that travelers have a responsibility to protect their surroundings including the new countries they visit.

He has filmed his travels in Saudi Arabia, showing the beauty of the country and everything it has to offer. Take a look at his Summer in the Sea in Jeddah below:

Ahmed Misaid uses his photography to tell a story and has been sponsored for this work. Sony has sponsored Misaid for a travel filmmaking workshop which he posted online.

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