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Apple releases “Get ready” ad prior to Vision Pro launch 2024

Apple tells users to “Get ready” ahead of their Vision Pro launch

Apple releases "Get ready" ad prior to Vision Pro launch 2024

Apple Vision Pro

Apple is creating buzz for its upcoming Vision Pro headset with a captivating new ad. The ad ingeniously weaves iconic scenes from beloved movies and TV shows, showcasing characters donning various masks, glasses, and similar accessories. Recognizable figures from Star Wars, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Young Frankenstein, and more appear.

All-star cast of characters

The reel of characters expands to include Kick-Ass, Up, Iron Man, Ant-Man, Star Trek, Snoopy, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Back to the Future. Each character contributes to the anticipation, building a delightful crescendo leading to the centerpiece – a woman placing the Vision Pro headset over her eyes.

Countdown to launch

Apple strategically wraps the ad with a powerful tagline: “Get Ready.” This cryptic yet inviting message serves as a prelude to the imminent launch of the Vision Pro headset. The teaser concludes by revealing the key dates – pre-orders for the Vision Pro will open on January 19, with the official launch scheduled for February 2.

AR revolution

As the tech world eagerly awaits the arrival of Apple’s Vision Pro, the ad merges the allure of cinematic moments with the promise of cutting-edge technology. The Vision Pro aims to seamlessly integrate augmented reality into users’ daily lives, and the carefully crafted ad hints at the transformative experience ahead. Movie magic and technological innovation collide in Apple’s latest creation, creating consumer anticipation and excitement as the Vision Pro’s launch approaches.

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