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Top 10 World’s Best Podcast’s Revealed

Always have a podcast running in the background? Check out these latest podcasts and reshuffle yours!

Podcasts to lift your mood.

There are two kinds of humans, one who wants a peaceful corner to function and can work better in silence, and then there are ones that always have a Podcast running in their background as if it gets them going. Which one of the two is you?

If you are like me, who always tunes into something while driving, cooking, cleaning the house, or even when going for a peaceful walk, then we also share the pain of finding the perfect one. Even when we find the comforting one which eventually becomes our go-to Podcasts, who doesn’t like adventures?

With more than 5 million podcasts available across the world, and a new one starting every week, the question remains – What should I pick today? It becomes thrilling to take the adventure of finding something exciting. After all, Podcasts can make our day-to-day life more fun and exciting. If you are feeling down they have something to lift your spirit, if you are demotivated there are always people pulling you out of the loop with inspiring podcasts. You name it, and they have it!

Here is a list of our top 10 loved podcasts of 2023 (so far):

Maintenance Phase

The health & wellness industry is all about fitness fads, keto diets, and workout routines. No one talks about health and fitness scams, fat-shaming, and myths about fat people. The Maintenance Phase is a podcast to shed light on facts v/s fiction, not glorifying obesity but shutting the bullshit down to give a clear picture in a funny way.

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How did this get made?

Sounds interesting right?  Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukas, and June Diane Raphael (plus a roster of very funny special guests) love movies. These funny people in this hysterically nerdy pod dive deep into the ‘Great films’ that are certainly bizarre and question the so-called great films that are too bad to be good and how they even get made!

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Celebrity Memoir Book Club

Are you the person who likes memoirs but don’t have time to read them? The Newyork comedians Claire Parker and Ashley Hamilton are doing the job for you. They spend time on each episode reiterating one celebrity memoir – Prince Harry, Lily Collins, etc. You name a star and they will probably cover them, without holding back on their opinions which is a strong way to differentiate among the crowd.

The Joe Rogan Experience

The stand-up comic, mixed martial arts fanatic, psychedelic adventurer, and host of the joe rogan experience podcast, Joe Rogan is famous for his long-form conversations with musicians, comedians, writers, artists, MMA fighters, etc. distributed exclusively on Spotify. He has hosted people like Elon Musk, Edward Snowden, Bernie Sanders, etc.

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The Shit No One Tells You About Writing

A podcast for emerging writers, who look forward to improving their work in order to get published. This pod shows a behind-the-scenes picture of the publishing industry and becomes a holy grail for budding writers and publishers. Bianca Marais, Carly Watters, and CeCe Lyra offer on how to start with a story idea and find your hook to engage the audience, making it a must-listen creative podcast for one who is looking forward to writing his own book or anyone pursuing the written word.

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60 songs that explain the 90s

Rob Harvilla curates and explores 60 iconic songs from the 90s that define the decade so well, his podcast gained popularity and the series returned to analyze another batch of 30-year-old bangers for season two. The new episode is announced for May 17 and fans are waiting for what’s next.

You’re Wrong About

 We have had Enlightening, riveting, funny, and at times, deeply moving opinions from the latest episodes of “You’re wrong about”. Mike & Sarah, the obsessed journalists reconsider an event, a person, or a phenomenon that has been miscast in the public imagery. They believe in sharing stories from the past and fact-checking with a present lense.

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When Diana met…

Princess Diana is considered to be the “Queen of people’s heart”. Her story was heart-felt by netizens and her death shocked the world. The People’s Princess had a versatile image and the podcast takes listeners inside the meetings she had with public figures, politicians, and celebrities who reveal the truths and misunderstandings about her life as Princess of Wales.

Although it was old it remains people’s favorite pod and their love for Princess Diana never fades. If you love royal updates and what was her life as a royal princess, this podcasts will help you explore the facts.

TED radio hour

Searching for joy in unexpected places, in thirst of becoming becoming a better human and preserve humanity in this digital age to some extent, to help each other in standing out in the community; with the help of worlds greatest thinkers you can explore all such questions and learn more about humanity and the world.

TED is a non-profit organization, known for spreading world-changing ideas from creative thinkers. They have come in the form of podcasts to enlighten you up with more creative and thought-provoking ideas from speakers across the world.

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Stuff You Should Know

With diversity of topics, a friendly and casual tone “Stuff you should know” is totally worth your time. Real-life podcasters Josh and Chuck try to explore the factual universe through their fictional lens making it smart but unusual series.

explore the factual universe through a fictional lens.

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