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2023 ChatGPT through your glasses: Crazy or Life Changing?

imagine having a portable chatgpt, where you could ask questions as you walk around.


Um… what now?

Just as we thought ChatGPT couldn’t get more reliable. With the Meta testing, the integrated AI chatbot is now existing within your Ray Ban stories sunglasses. Allowing you to ask questions based on what the camera within the glasses can see.

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ChatGPT x Andrew Bosworth

With this new test, users of Ray Ban Stories (available exclusively in the United States for the time being) will be able to say “Hey Meta” and ask questions that Meta’s AI system will subsequently be able to respond to, as demonstrated by Meta’s CTO Andrew Bosworth. With the use of extra data from Microsoft’s Bing search engine, the system can produce ChatGPT-like responses. This might be useful for receiving quick insights into anything you’re interested in while on the go.



It’s possible to achieve the same effect by simply snapping a photo with your phone, but it may not be as amazing as asking a digital omnipresence to respond, giving you the impression that you’re in a futuristic spaceship.

And there might be more interest and value there if Meta offers a non-sunglass version, perhaps even prescription Ray-Bans (or something similar). Then, with time, the gadget will become less dependent on an additional screen, such as your phone, and more integrated. As a result, it will become more valuable and practical.

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